monday 03/09/2012

Vickie cr interests you?

Ghumbo 0xp for Coby or Ahkab
(prefer Ahkab over Coby)
PM for faster response


Hi i wanted to trade my 2 jackie cr 0xp 2 jackie cr full xp + 90k for your Dragan Cr.

Still looking; a small compliment can be added if necessary

Looking for copper for my edd cr

Done, you can close, thanks! smiley


I trade Lamar Cr 0px (800k)

- Lamar Cr full xp (680k)
- Robb Cr full xp (90k)
- Edd Cr full xp (41k)


My 0 xp prince Jr, for either a lv 1 greem or a lv 1 sasha.

Made a deal both parties were happy with. Thanks mods! smiley

sunday 02/09/2012

Deal done, closing...

Hello! as the title i want the cooler policeman of Clint City (soory havok...)
I value Dragan cr 100k more than my tessa cr.
Dragan cr = Tessa cr full + Kalindra 0xp + 3 Shifou 0xp +Terry 0xp

mail me if you like to do secure exchange.

i wanna trade my tessa cr for Tanaereva cr + vickie cr
no clintz added. securise exchange.
bye thanks!


Hi, i'm looking for copies of moses (i prefer 0 exp, but maybe we can have a deal also if they're full)smiley

If you want to put him/them in my private sales, i'll buy them directly when i log in if the price is 2700-2800
Else, we can try to talk about your offers with private messages smiley

Thank you mods smiley

Good evening smiley
I want trade my scarlett cr (2.4M) negociable
I want :
Vickie Cr (650.000)
Kerozinn Cr (475.000)
Lamar Cr (700.000)
Tanaereva Cr (335.000)
or a similar offert smiley
thanks mod

I am trying to trade my bulk Marco Cr full xp for your Frozn cards, preferably Sah Brinak

Hello guys, I just want sell or trade my Marlysa Cr Full xp (2,3M)

I'm looking for:

Jackie Cr 0xp (210k/each)

PM offer or post here! Thanks MOD.


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