sunday 04/11/2012

I preffer lots of beeboy

I'm looking for Lady and Belle to add my collection. I am willing to trade my Kalindra for them. PM me if you're interested.smileysmiley

saturday 03/11/2012

160k de clintz + Yayoi

Numar + 2k cash

It'd be a good idea to tell everyone what the card are... cause people usually like to know what they are getting smiley

40 Caelus Cr 0exp (8m)
35 Smokey Cr 0exp (2625k)
1 Marlysa Cr (1850k)

for my lyse teria cr (12.5m)

My splata cr full + 2 veenyle cr + 20k for your vickie cr ?

Value Lady at 60,000 and willing to trade her for most low level pussycats and freaks

I trade Caelus Cr full + Lady 0 exp for 15 Beeboy and 4 Tuck

A trade for Uranus 0xp which i estimate to be 35k
Trading with these Beeboy 17k, Niva 13k and Shifou 5k

Thank you.


I sell my last 30 Norman 0Exp. I want 3500 Clintz each but it depends from your offer smiley

Thanks Staff smiley

Also have hattori and ayah

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.
To trade - Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for

friday 02/11/2012

U elya for my elya + 3000

Caelus Cr + 15k in Jackie Cr...i accept others offers..please contact me

Trading my;
Miss Twice Cr
Swidz Cr
2 Heegrn Cr
Skullface Cr
Selsya Cr

I'm trading them for collection purposes.
If you're interested, just Hit me up. smiley

Will trade for...

2 Rhed Cr

An abundance of Jose Starr


The lot is always 700k clintz
Includes Graksmxxt uranus and jackie cr
Contact me for more
All cards full


I'm looking for an X-0DUS. Instead of dumping all my clintz into him, I'd like to exchange a Striker plus clintz. If you're interested, please message me.


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