monday 03/09/2012

Trading my Jackie Cr + 50k for your Blaaster Cr x2 (preferably 0xp but will also take full).

Close this please mods.

Vickie cr interests you?

Ghumbo 0xp for Coby or Ahkab
(prefer Ahkab over Coby)
PM for faster response


Hi i wanted to trade my 2 jackie cr 0xp 2 jackie cr full xp + 90k for your Dragan Cr.

Still looking; a small compliment can be added if necessary

Looking for copper for my edd cr

Done, you can close, thanks! smiley


I trade Lamar Cr 0px (800k)

- Lamar Cr full xp (680k)
- Robb Cr full xp (90k)
- Edd Cr full xp (41k)


My 0 xp prince Jr, for either a lv 1 greem or a lv 1 sasha.

Made a deal both parties were happy with. Thanks mods! smiley

sunday 02/09/2012

Deal done, closing...

Hello! as the title i want the cooler policeman of Clint City (soory havok...)
I value Dragan cr 100k more than my tessa cr.
Dragan cr = Tessa cr full + Kalindra 0xp + 3 Shifou 0xp +Terry 0xp

mail me if you like to do secure exchange.

i wanna trade my tessa cr for Tanaereva cr + vickie cr
no clintz added. securise exchange.
bye thanks!


Hi, i'm looking for copies of moses (i prefer 0 exp, but maybe we can have a deal also if they're full)smiley

If you want to put him/them in my private sales, i'll buy them directly when i log in if the price is 2700-2800
Else, we can try to talk about your offers with private messages smiley

Thank you mods smiley

Good evening smiley
I want trade my scarlett cr (2.4M) negociable
I want :
Vickie Cr (650.000)
Kerozinn Cr (475.000)
Lamar Cr (700.000)
Tanaereva Cr (335.000)
or a similar offert smiley
thanks mod

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