friday 12/10/2012


Haves: (all full xp)
Leviatonn - 23k
Niva - 12k
Haze - 15k
Mona - 35k
Edd Cr - 41k (would prefer to keep if possible. but still willing to trade)
Rhed Cr - 17k (would prefer to keep if possible. but still willing to trade)
Hawkins - 17k
Louise - 20k
Melvin - 18k
Jay - 24k
Shayna - 10k

Ongh - 55k
Sylth - 37k
Bragh - 11k

I looking for:
2x Taylor +/- 11k
1x Cortez +/- 80k
pm with offer

Price is negotiable.
Pm me if you want.

Don't give me oferts like 5k or any noob offert coz you will be in BL if you insist...

Hi everyone,

i have a Splata Cr 0xp and i want to trade it for a Splata Cr full + Michael + Beeboy + Clover. Or something similar to that as long as it included Splata Cr full

interested? pm me

Wanting to trade my sah brinak and bankee for a beeboy and lou.

pm me if interested smiley

I sell 4 lots of 100 cards of Pegh full Xp, total 400 cards

- 4 lots of 100 Pegh for 400000 cash each lot
- 1 Lot of 400 Pegh for 1500000 cash

Exchange for the following cards + cash to reach the difference:
- Per Jackie Cr (210K)
- Per Kenny Cr (84K)
- Per Caelus Cr (220K)
- Per Alec Cr (200K)

I accept also other offers, please contact me in private

Thanks colleagues smiley

Hey how about this one

All Stars: Marina Striker

Berzek: Lola

Fang Pi: Ryuichi Hattori

Frozn: Kalindra

Gheist: Bristone Draheera

Junkz: Taham

La Junta: Naginata

Piranas: Bloodh Raeth Selma

Pussycats: Charlie Diana

Rescue: Kerry

Roots: Ratanah

Sentinel: Coby

Ulu Watu: Hikiyousan

Vortex: ShaaKarti

thursday 11/10/2012

Post here or PM

secure change.


As the title suggests I'm looking to buy lots of Shifous...

I'm willing to pay 5,5k for 0Xp...

Pm me for faster negotiations.

Thanks to the mods and have fun!

Nobody interested? smiley

Offers 1.5M ?

No need for Sah Brinak

i am looking for

lucy maxed

9 Kolos still avaiable smiley

Pm me offers

Sorry but marlysa isnt no more available. If u are interested i have Lao CR.

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