thursday 04/10/2012

I trade my Tanaereva + ~150k (clintz or cards of your choice) on Kerozinn Cr
PM me smiley

MY cortez either Full xp 88k or 0 xp 90k
for either cash or for Dorian, Bodgan, Olga, Grudj, Uranus, or Hawkins
pm me for negotiation
thanks PM

The first 30 Lehane are on the market for 4635 or less why would anyone pay 5k?///

The title speaks for itself.
I trade 220 Dugan (Ja Junta) 4998xp for Vickie Cr

Mail me. Difference in clintz or cards

wednesday 03/10/2012

Just another day at the Urban Rivals site.

Miss Twice cr go

now :

Marlysa cr full 2100000
X3 Tessa cr full 1190000/1
Armanda cr 0xp 1650000

I propose

a full lyse teria cr

10 0xp jackie cr

Open to negociations. We will trade with the secure trade tool.

Thanks mods

I would like to trade my tessa and lamar (both full xp) for a marlysa cr (full xp)
send me a pm to make the deal

I have had some really good offers via PM but this lot is still available!


Still buying smiley

The new price of Beeboy is 15,5 K each card

I'm tired of using mg bangers, and interested in sentinels,
i honor my Blaaster for 160000, and the whole sentinelsl cost about 169870 rounded up, i'm also willing to throw in a willy and angie to compensate if needed smiley

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