wednesday 08/08/2012

10 000 000 cash for u general smiley

Thanks, please close mods


I Trade Lamar cr , Tessa cr, Splata cr Jackie cr 0xp Caelus cr, Tanaereva cr Dregn 0xp Miss Twice cr 0xp

Looking for Vickie cr 0xp (740k)

PM me for a trade.


I still have this card and im waiting.

tuesday 07/08/2012

Hello everybody

I d like to trade my sigmund cr
i accept cash (810 000) or playable crs like jackie,caelus, blaaster

contact me here or via Private message

thanks mod

I will trade
And Rei
Pm me if interested

1 Lamar Cr
1 Splata Cr
1 Marlysa Cr
1 Tanaereva Cr
8 Jackie Cr
2 Vickie Cr
2 Tessa Cr
Send a trade if interested. Can negotiate.

Hi everyone! smiley

I'm looking for a caelus cr full and a emeth.

I have jackie cr 0 exp to make the trade and also I can add a compliment

This compliment will be made at the time of the exchange, to make the trade the same on price


Mooooooooooooonnn!!!! smiley

maybe he means he'd like from that list.... hopefully smiley

I like offers that include, sammy, cutey, benico and mikaal for my caelus cr's 0xp and kerozinn cr.


Yes the picture looks good smiley

still looking.smiley

Will give 15k and a Caelus for each Jackie, Have a Caelus 0 xp aswell, will add 5k.
Also have 2 Tessa Cr's Will take 6 jackies for each.

I accept tanareva cr ( 370 k )

I now only have a vickie cr and am looking for all playable cards in t2 like graks kolos jackie tanman etc.

Done. Close this subject! Tanks!

Loooking for tanman + jackie + weelee + dorian+zatman + hikousan + cash for vickie cr

Update miss twice cr is 340
vermyn n is 27
and blaaster cr is 180

so those two and 140k in cash

pm for quick reply

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