wednesday 03/10/2012


Still buying smiley

The new price of Beeboy is 15,5 K each card

I'm tired of using mg bangers, and interested in sentinels,
i honor my Blaaster for 160000, and the whole sentinelsl cost about 169870 rounded up, i'm also willing to throw in a willy and angie to compensate if needed smiley

Hi guys!

i am actually looking to trade my General Cr for a Guru Cr + around 0,5 - 1 M clintz in cards or cash.

if u interested leave me an offer or write a pm smiley


I found it, topic can be closed! thanks

My cortez (88k)
for your
19 Baldovino (88k) or cash

1 Cortez about 88k
17 shifou 85k

spyke+ a tiny bit more
6 shifou

3 troompah+ a littlle bit
6 shi fou

1 x-0dus 63k
12 shi fou 60k

offers can be arranged if not enough shi fous are involved. I'm looking mainly looking shi fous

tuesday 02/10/2012

My Smokey Cr - your Calindra + clintz, optionally.

I sell my robb cr 0xp for the actual price mark (80k)

thanks smiley

I have one caelus 0XP. contact me for him,

I have 2 Sah Brinak, 2 Ayah, 1 Haaken + clintz for Kreen Cr

I want cards(offers) or

For ongh 54500
For Sylth 36000

pm me

I want to trade my Caelus Cr full exp.

I am open to any offers that are worth ~200k, preferably lots or Cr's. I am looking for Tanaereva Cr, I can trade Caelus Cr + clintz/cards for Tan. Any offers, please PM me.

Thanks smiley

Lamar cr 0xp + kalidra 0xp

Ambrose cr full return cr's or cash
ambrose 550k

the exchange will be made for secure exchange

Thank's mod

Your daliha + compliment in cards (only cards but accept any cards) for my lizbeth

Hello, you get the Jackie or the Heegrn?

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