saturday 25/08/2012

Looking for 5 Jackie Cr for my 1 Tessa Cr

33 marco cr 0 exp ?

HL__ANGELA__ : 1,640 M smileysmiley

friday 24/08/2012


Please close this thread mods.


Got everything except Shakra. Lucys are gone!!!!

Trade my jackie ( 200k?) for stock of cards
tuck (3k)!
nathan (800 c )!
jessie (3.5k)
annuqa ( 1.2k, only 0 exp )!
sah brinak ( 14k, o exp )!
nyema ( 4k )
qubik ( 6k)
sheril ( 400 c )!
rico (850)
sasha ( 2300 )
nanook ( 2100)

I have:
3 x-0dus 0exp (189k)
looking for
1 caelus cr max (180k)
PM me for quick response

103k for both of them pm me if interested

Beltran cr 0xp 228k
Thaumaturge Cr 0xp 209k
kalindra full 70k sylth full 28k
50 neil 0xp 122k
for you elya cr

I sell 24 wyre 0xp 350c/each for a total: 8,4k (secure change)

if u pay in clintz the price is 8k!!

thank u mod e fo!!

I offer
2 Marlysa Cr 0xp (~5m)
1 Marlysa Cr full (~2.4m)
3 Lamar Cr full (~2.3m)
1 Vickie Cr 0xp (~0.7m)
1 Jackie Cr 0xp (~0.2m)
4 Caelus Cr 0xp (0.8m)

which is around the valuation of Guru Cr @ 11.5m, pm me for quick trade, thanks

Oh if it hasn't i would offer 503 each deal

Trading the following cards:

caelus cr (full) x2 - 180k each.
graksmxxt - 65k
yayoi - 33k
vermyn n - 25k

looking to trade these for bulk packages of lehane


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