tuesday 02/10/2012

I sell my robb cr 0xp for the actual price mark (80k)

thanks smiley

I have one caelus 0XP. contact me for him,

I have 2 Sah Brinak, 2 Ayah, 1 Haaken + clintz for Kreen Cr

I want cards(offers) or

For ongh 54500
For Sylth 36000

pm me

I want to trade my Caelus Cr full exp.

I am open to any offers that are worth ~200k, preferably lots or Cr's. I am looking for Tanaereva Cr, I can trade Caelus Cr + clintz/cards for Tan. Any offers, please PM me.

Thanks smiley

Lamar cr 0xp + kalidra 0xp

Ambrose cr full return cr's or cash
ambrose 550k

the exchange will be made for secure exchange

Thank's mod

Your daliha + compliment in cards (only cards but accept any cards) for my lizbeth

Hello, you get the Jackie or the Heegrn?

Still looking and i dont want lao cr please no more offers with lao cr in it

Looking for:
Wardom (18 000)
Toro (17 000)
Ray (11 200)
Trish (4 200)

I have:
Spyke full & 0xp (29 500 / 29 750)
Troompah 0xp (8 300)
Glorg full (9 400)
Stacy full (13 000)
2 Elvis 0xp (11 000)
Lola full & 0xp (9 000 / 9 400)
Terry Cr 0xp (13 500)
Variety of small cards (just ask)
12k in clintz

Please PM me
Thanks Mods

monday 01/10/2012

My zatman full exp (29k) for 2 troompah and 13 edwin

Hello smiley
I trades:

90 Kusuri ( 40 0 exp );

14 Heergn ( 6 0 exp ).

Edd Cr;
Blaaster Cr;
Jackie Cr;
Taneareva Cr!!!

Thanks smiley

I have a great playable CR

Chikko Cr.


Yeah.. not gonna happen with something like vickie

Good luck getting 20k compliment for caelus... aim for about 5k and folk might be interested

1. Buy - 4 8 max - 207000 Clintz sold by J-TRI, 61h, 43min left.
3. Buy - 4 6 0 xp - 210000 Clintz sold by Bien No Cry, 145h, 13min left.

current market prices say bwah bwah

I'm supposed to see pending sales in the profile, but I dont? I'll sort it out, sorry Kevin smiley

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