monday 06/08/2012

I have 70,000 will anyone sell me kalindra?

Roll - - Titan - UTOPiA
Today at 19:12
The real price is 2.3M

Buy one for 2,3M and sell for me smileysmiley

Im buying general cr for 4,6 million and 30 jackie cr ;]

Lol smiley how 'bout marco for Tsubame>?

I've got all the rescue characters, and i would like to trade them for jungo, vortex, nightmare, sentenel, or junkz characters. I hope to find a good deal for both of us : )

Will buy multiples of each pm me. WIll go a few % under the market value.

Diyo Cr+ Marco Cr + 0xp Cutey + 4k

sunday 05/08/2012


Can offer 5 jackies for tessa

Already done, thanks!!

Looking to buy these cards at a reasonable price.

Good luck... you're 10k short of market.... no chance unless someone is drunk/feeling generous

I am mainly looking for Blaaster cr or jackie cr, but am also interested in caules cr.

I have
Spyke x2
and others jsut ask

if we could work out a deal for the above, Jackie cr, blaaster cr, or caules cr. that would be great

I Have a Caleus Cr (full) up for trade. I'm open to offers with cards with value 10k clintz or more or playable crs. Also interested in bulks of cards with value of 10k + clintz.

pm for fast repsonce

Thanks mods =D

My Alec Cr .....2 Robb Cr + Marina or
......Robb Cr + Edd Cr + Marina + Striker + Stacey or
.......Robb Cr + 2 Ongh

Please send pm if you are interested and/or you've got another offer

I can trade my marco cr and kerry for your robb cr

I can trade my Marco Cr and kerry for your robb cr

I am looking for a Kerozinn Cr for all of this.
I value Miss Twice Cr (0XP) at 400k, Smokey Cr (0XP) at 85K, and Thaumaturge Cr(0XP) at 235K. They all add up to 722K so I'm going to need a 10K Card/Clintz with Kerozinn Cr.
Private message will be a lot faster for buisness

I'm not interested in unusable crs worth over 200k also smiley

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