wednesday 26/09/2012

2x Vickie Cr 0xp are gone! 4x remaining! smiley

Trading my Dregn full exp to your Numar + Buck and an additional 5kclintz compliment. smileysmileysmiley

My lao cr 0 exp
two tessa cr 0 exp
total 3.4m
what i am looking for vicke lamar kerozinn splata tanman and jackie cr
cards i can offer as compliment are
5 0 exp zatman
0 exp kolos

tuesday 25/09/2012

I have 5 Rhed Cr 0xp, 1 Kenny Cr 0xp, Full xp smokey cr, and 1 full xp edd cr and I wanna give them all away together, for 279K smiley Pm me for faster results, secure trade only smiley

Went down with the price to 550k clintz.


I trade my 400 Kazayan all 0XP for cards like rhed Cr , Jackie cr Shifou (I would be very interessed in the Shifousmiley ) I valuate the Kazayan at each 9,1k. If nobody should be interessed you can buy all from the market in a few day. I will put all in so everybody can buy smiley

Thanks at the english Staffsmileysmiley

Hi Everyone smiley

I am looking to trade multiple copy's of Felicia 0xp for your Spyke 0xp or Sah Brinak 0xp smiley

25 x Felicia 0xp for 1 x Spyke 0xp


15 x Felicia 0xp for 1 x Sah Brinak 0xp

By current market values this is a very good offer I think smiley

If you have any other interesting proposals, I would be willing to hear you out smiley

Please contact me my pm for faster responses smiley

As Always Thanks Mods for Posting smiley

Im looking to get around 550 each. Slightly less for an all clintz offer.
I'm only looking for trades involving useable cards (ungh, kolos, ect) and no lots of more than 2 or 3 cards. Thanks
PM for fastest response.

Hello everybody , i have 5 rhed cr 0xp to trade , i need 21 cassandra 0xp thend pm me if you are interested

and who have a big lot of cassandra 0xp contacte me to negociate smiley

You do realise that Hriger is going down while edd can only go up..smiley

I am trading my dalhia for Hriger. If anyone is interested PM me
I hope this time the subject gets posted smiley

You don't have even a single copy of any of the cards you are offering. Thread closed.

As the title says my miss twice cr + 390.000 clintz by vickie cr

thanks mods smiley

Looking to trade:

Robb CR full -- 72k
Noodile CR full -- 22k
Numar 0xp -- 56k
assorted cards worth 20k clintz (PM for list of cards available)
10k clintz

for Alec CR -- 180k

PM for quicker response

Shaakarti is no longer available

No longer looking for Wardom

Most of the characters I was looking for have been obtained. this topic will be closed

monday 24/09/2012

You looking for a tessa cr maybe?

Can be closed.
Thanks Mod

As wrote in the title I'm looking for a change between my 0 exp cr and one full+cash or cards.
Offers here or by pm, I will make the trade only by the secure trade system smiley

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