thursday 16/08/2012

Looking for a TanMan CR (any xp) and will be looking to trade:

Robb CR (full xp)
2x Kolos (0 xp)
Numar (0 xp)
2x Kenny (0xp)
Shaakarti (0xp)

have other cards worth around 15-20k clintz if interested in swapping some cards out

Please PM for a faster response.
Thank you,

Close Topic......thanks ^__smiley__smiley__smiley__^

Got new post closing this one

Hello guys. I'm selling one lot of 196 Ayzkub Full Exp, for 240 Clintz/head, for a total of 47,040 Clintz. If you wanna pay only in cash, the price is 45,000 Clintz. I accept all cards, but no other lots. Pm me for a faster response!

Thanks to all!

... dragan cr , lamar cr , splata cr and kerozinn cr
we will discuss about the difference that should be around 400 k
the 4 cr listed above are my priority so ... you can write me here or in pm
thanks mod

I want to trade mi sigmund cr 0 exp for 4 caelus cr, the exp doesn't matter smiley

Will probably need about 80k in other stuff on top of that. and i was going to sell her at market price so always changing

Still looking for this trade.

I wish to trade my kalindra 0xp for a full xp one + compliment

pm me for a much faster response


Caelus Cr full xp 190.000
Jackie Cr full xp 210.000All togther worth 400.000 clintz

Will trade for:
Blaaster Cr
Tanaerva cr
Robb Cr
Kreen Cr
Alec Cr
Miss Twice Cr

Message me with offerssmileysmileysmileysmiley

Hi buying blaaster cr for 150k private sell me. thank you

I have some CR's 0XP that I want to trade for the same character full XP, with compliment, of course.
Vickie - 1
Blaaster - 6
Tanaereva - 1
Only wish to trade for same character. Only wish to speak with businessmen here. Ludicrous bidders will get blacklisted.

I have:

2x jackie cr
1x jim cr
1x caelus cr
2x alec cr
1x blaaster cr
2x marco cr
1x charlie
2x dregn
1x shaakarti
2x dorian
1x leviatonn
and some more random stuff smiley

Thnx mods, and pm me for a fast reply smiley

5k for difference.

Now i trade Vickie Cr for 3 Jackie Cr and cash.

wednesday 15/08/2012

Caelus cr full xp 190.000
Jackie cr full xp 220.000All togther worth 410.000 clintz

Will trade for:
Blaaster cr
Tanaerva cr
Robb cr
Kreen cr
Alec cr
Miss twice cr

Message me with offerssmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

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