sunday 29/07/2012

Oh so you got multiple account?
Anyway thanks guys I got the cards! Thanks mods for the help

Exchange my Ndololo Cr (0 xp) for your Vickie cr + Tanaereva Cr

Trade my Jackie CR for a lot of 30 Eebiza's

saturday 28/07/2012

2,8 / 3,0 smileysmiley

Hello Buyers,

I sell/trade my Jim Cr [240k] for cards or clintz.

- Jackie Cr + 20k
- Taylor's

- NB Cards.

For a fast communication, you can personal message me.

Cheers, 7-burberry-7

Thanks modssmiley

Caelus Cr full for your Page Cr 0xp+60k

Hi everyone

i am trading 25 kerozinn cr 0xp + 4 tanaereva full against a dj korr cr

we make the trade bu securiy trade

pm me if you're interrested

thx mod

Plz hurry and pm me smiley

I wanna trade my Lyse fullXP for a General

Looking to buy these 4 Frozn cards under market price:

Sah Brinak

Message me please!

General 0xp+ dragan cr for dj korr cr
interested send me mp

Hi, everyone. I'm looking to sell my Thaumaturge Cr - Full Exp.

I don't really want to trade for it. Just Clintz up front. I'm looking for 218,000 Clintz.

PM me if you're interested and we can handle this quick and easy. I'm open to reasonable negotiation.

Thank you to the Mods for allowing me to open this thread! smiley

Sorry for my bad english... But really nobody are imterested in?

friday 27/07/2012

Lamar cr and Ombre cr have gone ... topic closed smiley

Chadbread cr + shifou 0 xp anybody up for that trade

One Robb Cr for 230 x Aleister
Second Robb Cr for 265 x Lydia

Full or 0 xp do just as fine.

Each missing Alesteirs can be replaced with 395 straight clintz - But only upto 1/3 rd's of whole lot.
Each missing Lydia can be replaced with 340 straight clinz - But only upto 1/3 rd's of whole lot.

But I prefer (and offer better rate) for the cards rather than clintz.

Offer valid for 3 days, after that all prices will be revised.
Prices non-negotiable.
Thank you mods.

Also have a 0xp Cortez up for trade

I know what u must be thinking now that these two are asking for too much, so ill make a good offer.... ill have a general cr not too much now is it?

Still looking smiley

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