saturday 15/09/2012

Im looking for either 31k or some decent offers, i dont play montana, uppers, beserk, or pussycats, so please shy away from those

Hello all smiley

I have to exchange 19 noodile full I value 23k/tete

I look for the following cards:

- cash
- cards 5k up
- Cr FULL : jackie Cr tanaereva Cr blaaster Cr caelus Cr Marco Cr robb Cr smokey Cr Edd Cr jane Ramba Cr

you can contact me through Mp or here

Thanks Mo and Fo smiley

Im buying Tanaereva Cr full for 300k, Caelus Cr full for 175k. Pm and send me private sales smileysmileysmiley

123K And graksmxxt new offer

My 3 jackie for your vickie by secure trade

I change my Sum Sam cr 0xp.
I look for Tessa + Vickie + Lamar.

El Gringo Sold

Hi!! Everyone!!!
As title says I am looking for Kerozinn Cr!!!
I can offer

20 Hawk 0xp 250 000
2 Kolos 0xp 110 000
1 Kenny full 95 000 + 20000

Thank you for you time!=)

All Rheds have been sold.

friday 14/09/2012

Closed. Pls. read the rules for posting.

I now offer some Rescues,
for exactly prices pm me smiley

Yah, they quite do, they are just 2 to 3 k bellow blaaster

I'll sell for 950k clintz now. Send me a pm and I'll send u a private sale^__smiley__smiley__smiley__smiley__^

I'm looking to trade Caelus Cr for Tsubame + Kalindra + 45k.
Thanks Mod smiley

2 Diyo Cr (200k) each. 100k

1 Page Cr (140k)

Cards , that i accept/want: Marco Cr,Edd Cr,Graksmxxt,Hawk,Lehane,Caelus Cr

Good trade ,I'll contact the best offer with a pm , thanks to Mods for oppening this threard !

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