friday 20/07/2012

Hi, i´m offering my dragan cr for 7 caelus cr (0 exp or full, it doesnt matter)
thx mods..

Hi! I would like to sell my lot of 102 Lucy (0xp) for 510000 clintz (5000 each). Send me a PM if you are interested in buying.

Thanks mods!

0 exp preferably but full is fine. I value them at 2k per card.


Marco Cr (full) x1
Jackie Cr (full) x1
Kusuri (full) x40

Please PM me your offers.

I am searching a nahi cr 0 xp.

I can give you:

Clintz( max 90000-95000 clintz)
10 yoshida 0xp
10 lucy 0xp
10 nancy 0xp
2 beef 0xp
3 randal 0xp
3 michael 0xp
2 mikaal 0xp
1 bankee 0xp
1 haaken 0xp
2 ayah 0xp
1 sah brinak 0xp
4 sammy 0xp
1 heegrn cr 0xp
5 nathan 0xp
4 annuqa 0xp
4 titsouk 0xp
1 kenny full
5 benicio 0xp
8 holly 0xp
7 alesiter 0xp
12 douglas 0xp
15 lydia 0xp

Not all this for nahi cr, but you could choose of all this what you want .

Well i got someone to do the deal.....please close

And you can't sell travis ld Anyway smiley

Vickie cr full (840k) + jackie cr full (225k) +35k cash?

My Splata Cr for your Blaaster Cr + Tanaereva Cr

50 full at 2900 and 0exp at 3200

I would accept full too but not at the same price...

I am willing to trade my caelus Cr full for copies of edd cr full..

PM me to negociate!!

Also have a Terry Cr i might trade of offer is right. do pm me. may not answer for 2 hours

Anybody want to shoot me a deal?(:

Hi all,
i want to sell/trade my lot of 500 wonderful Lucy 0xp:

i value the lot:

6.0K/t --------------► 3.0M --------------►pay by cash
6.2K/t --------------► 3.1M --------------►pay by cash+cards
6.4K/t --------------► 3.2M --------------►pay by cards

Im looking for:
- Cash

- This playble cr:
· Lamar cr(770K) max 3
· Blaaster cr (155K) max 18
· kerozinn cr (510K) max 5
· elya cr (720K) max 4
· marlysa cr (2.55M) max 1
· splata cr (570K) max 5
· vickie cr (835K) max 3
· tessa cr (1.1M) max 2
· dragan cr (1.4M) max 2
· caelus cr (205K) max 10
· tanaereva cr (380K) max 7
· jackie cr (225K) max 10
I will also value offers with collectionable cr.

- this cards 0xp:
· cortez (86K) max 35
· kolos (59K) max 40
· graksmxxt (69K) max 35
· charlie (55K) max 45
· copper (41K) max 60
· dregn (55K) max 45
· tsubamen (66K) max 35

thanks Mod&Fo

Looking for a Lamar Cr

Willing to trade my full exp Vickie Cr + 10k Clintz

I no longer have Cortez and I already have Robb Cr and Veenyle Cr.

I'm still looking for the other cards and I can trade also a Karrion, a C Wing and a Lehane, among others

1 heegrn against toro 0xpsmiley

thursday 19/07/2012

Lot 1 50 Jeffery 0xp starting: 50 clintz reserve: 450 each
Lot 2 25 Miho 0xp starting: 50 clintz reserve: 700 each
Lot 3 15 Rudy 0xp starting: 50 clintz reserve: 500 each

You can offer cards but please note that some might not be considered

Ending: 7/25/12 3:00 PM PST

Jackie - tanaereva - miss twice - tessa - vickie - lamar - blaaster

She's sweet she's sexy and she's 0xp!!
You want her You can have her all for 130k in clintz or if you convince me I can trade her for some cards smiley
Pm me for faster response!! Price is negotiable!!
Thanks Mods smiley

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