thursday 28/06/2012

I want to trade my 220 lucy (200 0xp and 20 full) for one of this options:

1) vickie cr + 450K
2) vickie cr + splata cr + 10k
3) vickie cr + kerozinn cr + 60K
4) vickie cr + lamar cr
5) vickie cr + blaaster cr + smokey cr + 350K

in case of the trade is between vickie cr + lamar cr I offer in addition to the 220 lucy one kalindra 0xp

contact me in MP.

thanks mod

I have a 0 xp Grax to trade for Marco cr + Comp.

Nobody want ?

I will buy all copies of Tyler for 2.5k each which is 150 clintz more than the lowest price on the market at this moment in time. Please private sale me the copies. Thank you.

Dude should told me you were gonna sell them..Would have bought

My Beltran Cr 0xp for Kolos Ghumbo + complement (clintz or cards)

Kalindra 70k no changing price message me if you are interested.

I think he means in bulk.... meaning that he will pay with more than 1 possibly 10 or something

I am looking to get rid of my Sekutor I am looking for Clintz or big collectors, if sold I value at least at around 2000-2500 a head, If needed I can even out any offer with up to a maximum of 250000 clintz.

Thank you for your time smiley

That ducks, i got one in a titanium about 2 months ago and i would have traded it to you, but i own all of the all stars (Besides lamar cr)

Trading my entire pussycat collection (Everything but the Cr's) for All Berzerk clan or Kalindra +Kortez am excepting other offers smiley

Got him. mods plz close

wednesday 27/06/2012

Go buy Krung Deea Lovhak and Quorah on the market
or save up for C Beast or Oflgn

Thats a great deal 1000 cards someone should jump on this if they have the funds smiley

Also accepting vickie cr

How much do you want for Zhu Tang?

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