saturday 03/03/2018

Not looking for Dakota anymore, still need Hive and Bambino

I can buy your Behemoth cash 575k if you want smiley
directly in my pv smiley

I'm looking for :
Digging Bill 0 exp 26k/t straight to my ps
Natasha 0 exp 8k/t straight to my ps. (9k/t if 100+)
Chasey 0 exp 2.6k/t straight to my ps (3k/t if 100+)

I can offer :
Lots of Pedro , Doug Snop, Lunatik, Mikaal, Kawan

Have other cr just pm me

Topic can be closed. Found a Guru. smiley

Me Richards wins.

Last call before I just buy one from market price,
Ill send you good offers and about 6mil clintz
or if u want str8 cash lmk

3x Aaron 0XP - 30K
3x Ahseya 0XP - 72K

In my VP please

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a skullface Cr or Nahi Cr, Seldnor Cr, or Swidz Cr. I value skullface and swidz aounrd 700k and nahi or seldnor around 750k. I pay clintz so if you have them and want to sell at that price. Shoot me a pm smiley

friday 02/03/2018

Trust me nobody wants to give up Cannibal Jo Cr the struggle is real

How many Emeth Cr full would get me a #Nemmo MT ?

AND ALSO im trade:
Cassio cr (600k)
lulabee cr 90 k
50x pedro (16.5k/t)
ggs to all smiley

I buy a khann 0xp for 57k or trade it for my full

Check PS

Beeboy cr any do valuation around 280k
Bodenpower valuation around 37.5k

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