tuesday 19/06/2012

Have offers, still taking more.

Blaaster, veenyle, Heegrn, Jane ramba, like I said recent crs!!

Looking for La Junta and Ulu Watu.
I have some Skeelz to trade for them such as:
PM me with your offers.

I want most Freaks except from Olga Esmeralda Magda Varoslav Harleen
I have Clintz and cards like Yoshida Heegren Cr Randel etc
just Pm your offers

Hey I`m looking to trade for Dorian and could only trade for Montana for him. Also I`m only pricing Dorian at 16,000 or 16,500. I have Vito, Tino, Oscar, Jimmy, Griezzo, Fabio, Enzo, Don, Desmond, Avola, and Aniki and will to trade as many cards to equal his amount.

I know, but I shortaged as 5000, if someone offered me between that price XD

If you can improve your offer for Ndololo then I may be interested

monday 18/06/2012

Hello i'm interest in Guru Cr

i have for trade

1,9M cash
27 jackies 0xp
75 Yoshida 0xp
2 Tanaereva Cr 0xp
1 Splata Cr full
1 Marlysa Cr full

thx mods smiley

Will pay 5k clintz for them together.


I sell or trade my Marlysa Cr full xp(2,3M)

i'm interested in 13 jackie cr 0xp (175k)


thx mods for acceptingsmiley

Im looking for Nahi Cr for 175000 - 185000
i waiting your offer's pm fast

Im looking for Alec Cr for 127000 - 130000
i waiting your offer's

I'm looking to buy/trade for DJ Korr Cr.
I'm offering:

- 10M Clintz

- Vickie Cr full
- Tanaereva Cr full
- Smokey Cr Oxp
- 10 Caelus Cr Oxp
- 10 Marco Cr Oxp
- 10 Robb Cr Oxp
- 10 Veenyle Cr Oxp
- 10 Heegrn Cr Oxp

- 10 Sylth Oxp
- 10 Kolos Oxp
- 10 X-0DUS Oxp
- 10 Gil Oxp


So d u want to trade if u have one

13 M cash smiley

I want to trade:
my 10 cutey full + 100 clinz/t (1k) x your 10 cutey 0xp
my 20 lucy full + 150/t (3k) x your 20 lucy 0xp

only this trade no other.

Thanks mod and fo

I'll give you my thanks.... and 1 of the cards (whichever one) AND 9000 clintz by the way are you pc or ipod/iphone

I would like to buy Miss Twice Cr full xp for 215000.
Thanks admins!

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