monday 09/07/2012

Michael Chiara out smiley

I up my price to 110k/page cr 0xp

Alec cr for 150 in private sale

I have 1 copy of each.

i value robb cr at 57k while jackie cr at 227k

i am looking for:
0 exp wee lee (15.5k)
0 exp hawkins (24.5k)
0 exp sylth (30k)
0 exp wanda (2.3k)
0 exp leviatonn (21k)

if you are offering other cards, please make sure that you have at least one of the cards i am looking for. otherwise i will not entertain your offer. also, i only accept 0 exp cards.

please pm me for a faster response.

thanks mods smiley

Willing to offer Vickie and Tan man.

Hi everyone I have some Douglas's for sale if your interested send me a pm.
I have 3 2* 0xp douglas's for 450 clints and 2 full stars for 190 clints.
Also if interested i have 1 Ricardo 0xp for 180 aswell

I have olso 2 Gibson (full)

Sorry, AngeldeLeo, its not enough, Thank you all the same.smiley

My reserve price is 570k.

Nwo if got guru full to sell smiley just pm me and already lysy 0xp

Are you playing another game?! check market price and DO NOT spam here.G day

I would like to sell or trade my Melissa Cr, if sold iI am looking to sell fora bit below market price. If traded however I value her at market price, I am mainly looking for Splata Cr or other big Crs in which case I would add a compliment in clintz. Please only reasonable offerssmiley

Thank you for your time

Looking for offers guys smiley

Looking To Buy Kalindra For Below Market Price
FULL XP Preferred @ Below 80K Clintz

Still interested for lyse??
Pm me smiley

Completed exchange but now I'm also interested to exchange it for cr and 2 kk

Hi all,

My Nahi Cr Fxp + 15'000 Clintz for your Nahi Cr 0xp

Bye, Have Fun.

sunday 08/07/2012


Lot 1- Falcao
lot 2- URS_Auhurr1

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