wednesday 15/08/2012

Offer is closed

Thanks to Z.... smiley

How much is the complement

One Seldnor Cr has been sold...I still have one Seldnor Cr at the price of 103.000...I'm waiting for your PM!

I will add more clintz if necessary

Im trading two excellent cards:

(1) Daqun Power:8 ans Damage:5 ability deafeat +3 life
Hes got an amazing ability and he has the same stats as splata cr

(2) Anibal Power:6 damage:6 ability revenge power +2
Hes belongs to an amazing clan hes only 4 star and with his ability he has the stats of jackie cr

Hoping to trade for cards such as lulabee clara or methanesmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

i created a post on the french forum :

I trade a lot with all berzerk cards (1 of each card) 0xp (except Cortez and Spyke).
Evaluation : 56k.
I trade with 2 Clover
1 clover + 2 Sah Brinak. In this case i'll add 2k clintz

Trade made with secure trade.


Kero sold. please close FOS

thanks for all

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Bump, still looking for sellers willing to negotiate. I'm not asking for a huge discount, just a good discount will do. smiley

Topic can be closed, business is done!

Willing to trade:

Myke - max stars
Lino Borsa - max stars
Frank - max stars
Timber - max stars

for any of the Jungo clan characters

My Splata cr (0xp) and Alec Cr (Full) for Vicky Cr

If anyone has a Vickie Cr, PM me and I'll offer.

Willing to trade 25 Kusuri for 1 Kalindra now.

Still looking for them

Im looking to trade my Elya Cr full for bulk Kreen Cr, with a mix of full and 0xp
Right now I make it at about 9 Kreen for 1 Elya Cr

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