wednesday 15/08/2012

Willing to trade 25 Kusuri for 1 Kalindra now.

Still looking for them

Im looking to trade my Elya Cr full for bulk Kreen Cr, with a mix of full and 0xp
Right now I make it at about 9 Kreen for 1 Elya Cr

tuesday 14/08/2012

I trade Gil 0 exp + 9k for praxie and chiara. I look for Tomas too smiley

Im selling or trading my splata cr full for 560000 clintz or Jackie cr along with other uppers and clintz Sentinels (including copper hawk coby etc...) and clintz sakrohms (including graks uranus etc...) and clintz or any combination of these i am willing to work out any deals tht do not include these cards PM IF U HAVE AN OFFER

I value my Sah Brinnak for 15k.

Interested in (sorted by priority) :


Or other good cards, but those have my attention right now.

PM me with FAIR offers, thanks.

Offer not valid anymore, all done

Thanks & Closed

Hi, all!

I would like a Kalindra full.
I'm offering my...

3 Heegrn Cr 0xp = 45k
Oflgn 0xp = 9k
C Wing 0xp = 6600
+13k clintz
73,600 total

If you agree to this trade, please simply set up a secure trade with me for your Kalindra full.

Seeking Robb Cr, Jackie Cr, Caelus Cr in bulk, Can add to make the difference, seeking about 2.3-2.4m in cards.

I have 2-3 jackie cr on the trading block. Interested mostly in Marco Cr and Robb Cr copies. Will consider other offers, mainly if they consist of clintz and/or bulk of:

jose star*

feel free to pm me with offers

Due to a recent excess of Cr's I am trading them away! Seeking Jackie Cr's as many as I can get

Tessa x2
Splata x1
Tana x1
Marlysa x1
Vickie x 2
lamar x 1

Going market value for them both = 200k Jackies. Will add pure clintz to make equal.


Will add clintz if necessary

I would like to trade my Kalindra for Charlie 0xp.

If you are interested pm me.

I trade Gil 0 exp + 8k for Dagg.

If you only need clintz, I offer 26k for it

Pm me smiley

The card is now in your ps, Lampy.
Thanks for stepping in, feel free to accept the trade so the guy can finally get his Kalindra.

Could have putted it directly in Papoap's ps but wanted to have someone else involved, some sort of a community move for an overpriced card.

Viewers be advised, I'm not doing this to everyone on a daily basis, I'm actually a sharp (yet fair) business guy.
Happens once in while, when the stars are lined up right etc...
Sometimes to people who deserve it, sometimes who don't, only Chaos decides here.

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