saturday 04/08/2012

Looking for any Cr's of similar value, such as Jackie, and Caelus, will add the rest = to market value. Or willing to sell them seperate at 2500 each in bulk.

No longer need ongh add 46k clintz to the first point instead of ongh

How do...people 67 of any card!! I got like... 1 of each!

I would trade them for any non-cr in the sentenel, except hawk. i'm looking for a fair deal, and i will also be fair with you. Also looking for some nightmares, just not Kolos/ghumbo.

friday 03/08/2012

Please PM for quicker response.
smiley Don't bother with any Low-Ball offers smiley Looking for FAIR deals only.

Looking to obtain (in order of preference):


Cards I have to trade (all 0xp unless stated otherwise):

Chiara (2x)
Various other cards under 5000 clintz


Want to sell the following :

Kolos 0xp 62,850
Toro 0xp 12,400
Amiral Py Cr 0xp 10,960
Tula 0xp 3, 670

Mainly looking for cash, but will look at trade offers. Pm me for a faster reply, or leave message here.
Thanks Mods smiley

Im selling marco cr with diyo cr
Together they are worth 180.000 clintz
i would like tsubame graksmxxt cortez kalindra ongh dalhia dregn zatman spyke yayoi mona or charlie

Still looking to sell ayah, fizzle, bankee, and benicio

Hi! Everyone!!
I want to trade my Splata Cr for Grakxxs!!
All offers are welcome!!smiley

I wish to trade
diyo cr 0xp -110k
jackie cr full xp- 220k

i'm particullary interested in cards such as
anuuqua [bulk]
marco cr
jane ramba cr

offer can be negotiated
pm me for a much faster response

Please close admins.

miss twice now traded.

Clintz can also work too, and if that's the case, then 375,000 clintz will do. smiley
Oh and the Alec Cr & Blaaster Cr + 30K Compliment, my calculations were wrong. It has to be a 50k Compliment.

Willing to trade My Striker 0xp (19k) + 1k in clintz for Marina (20k)

as an alternatif i can give u Nancy or Annuqa instead of 1k cash

pm me for faster response.

Blaaster Cr anyone?
I can also take Clintz, and any other Cr's.

Gibson gone, for trades now i have Kuei, thanks.

Buying all titsouk 475 each put in private sale. 480 each for 50+ cards

thursday 02/08/2012

Trading my uranus and trinmkkt for sylth, willing to negotiate if need be

Thanks. I sold

As the title says. PM me for a quicker responce. Thanks Mods

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