saturday 11/08/2012

440 for full exp
550 for 0exp

Anyone interested?
I have an offer for my frozen lots.

Trading chad bread cr for a marco pm me for trade

Adding 1 0 exp marco cr and only 20k cash

I'm looking for a Kerozinn Cr. I am offering a Tanaereva Cr + Caelus for it.
PM for faster response

I bought kreen and thaumaturge, still need the others.

Hi smiley

I have:

One jackie cr 0 exp
One blaaster cr 0 exp

I want jackie and blaster full and 15k of compliment

This compliment is individual: example -> My jackie 0 exp for jackie full + 15k, and the same to blaaster

This compliment is (now) the difference in market between the 0 exp and the full, but it is negociable if neccessary.

Sorry for my bad english smiley

friday 10/08/2012

I'm looking for Edd Cr (50k) and i have X-0DUS full xp (65k) to trade so i want another card to match his value.

i accept cards like Wardom Olga Katan Beef etc.

we can still negotiate it though, so fell free to PM me.

thanks mod smiley

@Jess - Well put. Do not worry about the few that will bash your offer. Big 5 are hard to negotiate, as their price is very subjective and harder to quantify and verify.

Having bought and sold all of them over time, I can say, ignore the negative posts, they are usually from jealous posters who have little to no chance of getting any of the big 5.

Having done all your homework, and setting firm on your price, you should do well. Good luck

Dude stop opening new threads for the same thing... this is the 3rd

I need Dalhia and I give for it the following cards: Ayah + Spyke + Wardom + Methane
Now Dalhia is 45k at the market and the sum of the 4 cards above is 45k too.

The trade is flexible. If you don't need one of this 4, I can offer clintz and/or other cards (Havok, Jeena or Quinn)

My striker for sah brinak and hefty

Please close. Finally traded him off.

Barley makes any difference. The 1* are 430 clintz. There is barley any difference.

The sad truth is that its always sellers market concerning big 5 (or soon - big 6/7). Thats why they can and will mostly not trade even to fair offers like this, simply because they can opt to wait until somebody makes offer that is totally overkill.

B5 market differs from other market in one fundamental way: Having B5 card is same as having "winning status" - letting that go is always kind of bad choice. As well you may ask whats the price of making someone skip Olympic Medal or Oscar prize?

Thats why people who have pocketed those cards can afford to be unfair in trades. There simply isnt anything better in this game than what they currently have.

I trade all my cards expect Ongh

Lock this thread please its gone already. TY mod

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