friday 18/05/2012

Only Louise left now, Selling her for 11,300

Thanks again mods

Replace "against" by "for" smiley
Sorry for my english, i just think about my language mistake smiley

I now value caelus cr at a maximum of 135k smiley

I think this is a pretty good offer....if you have a General Cr you want to sell / Trade, get in touch and we can negotiate.

Thanks mods.

Yes, I know it's a little uneven, but negotiation is available

Tessa cr is gone. im still looking for the graksmxxt 0exp

I want Haze

I have Sigurd, Lizzy to trade plus clintz to make up for the rest

post offers or PM me


Sorry, my kolos for your lorna

I just looked at the market and at this the time the difference was about 500k. Like i said, everything is negotiable. If someone says, i´ll give him away for Lyse + 3,5M he can contact me - just simple.

thursday 17/05/2012

Am offering my Nahi Cr (valued at 175,000) for Alec Cr (valued at 118,000) and Marco Cr (valued at 44,000) plus compliment of value equal to 13,000 clintz

..I'm open to negotiations and will hear all offers

pm me for faster response.. thx mods

@polabear, sorry. haven't posted here for ages.

Althou still hope someone will take up the offer.

Just a question : in secure trade we can see the xp of the cards right ?

Trade done. Managed to get more than I thought I could out of him.

Take squirtroll's offer he's good plz tryna help u out

Michael has been traded now

Noddile cr + Some roots also acceptable

Thanks but No thanks

My reine cr 0xp for you card and/Clintz. Interesting:

jackie cr
alec cr
blaaster cr
smokey cr
robb cr
caelus cr

moderators please acceptsmiley

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