friday 08/06/2012

Still loking for pìranas

Looking for jackie cr peeps

I have:
Robb Cr
Ongh 0xp

Willing to trade other cards other than the ones stated above


Im looking for a shawoman cr

Here is my offer :-

5 Jane ramba cr 0xp - 225,000
1 Jane ramba cr full - 40,000
10 Blaaster cr full - 920,000
1 Splata cr full - 450,000

& 65k in clintz

Thats a total of 1,700,000 for your shawoman cr. Prices were accurate at the time of posting

Please Pm me if interested

Looking for a Sum Sam Cr

Here is my offer :-

16 veenyle cr full - 256,000
10 edd cr full - 280,000
8 terry cr full - 72,000
10 heegrn cr full - 120,000
1 tessa cr full - 850,000
8 noodile cr full - 144,000
4 jane ramba cr full - 160,000
1 x miss twice cr full - 220,000
& 10 k clintz

That is 2,112,000 in Crs for sum sam cr. Prices were accruate at time of posting

Please Pm me if interested.

Looking to trade for a scarlett cr

Here is my offer

17 veenyle cr full - 272,000
10 edd cr full - 280,000
7 x terry cr - 63,000
7 x Jackie cr full - 1,120,000
3 x caelus cr full - 435,000
& 80 k in clintz.

That is 2,250,000 in clintz for Manon cr. Prices were accrurate at time of posting

Please PM me if interested.

I am looking for a manon Cr

My offer is :-

17 veenyle cr full - 272,000
10 Edd cr full - 280,000
20 Marco cr 0xp - 1,000,000
7 Terry cr full - 63,000
5 Graksmxxt full - 300,000
5 robb cr 2 0xp - 269,000
8 Dalhia 0xp - 360,000

Which is roughly 2,544,000 in cr and high end cards. Note all prices were accurate at time of posting.

Please Pm me if interested.

Got it.

Please close.

Thanks mods!

I should be clear
If the market values are off by alot i will ask for you to throw in a kicker to reduce the gap

As you have already put your cards up for auction, a thread on this forum is not necessary smiley

Vickie Cr, Tanaereva Cr, 2 Jim Cr 0 exp, for Dragan Cr?

Now i will add a Dragan CR full xp to the trade smiley

Still looking for Michael and Belgosi

Still looking smiley
0xp splata has gone up but it prolly wont stick still open for offers also accept playable cr cards

thursday 07/06/2012

115 Chikko Cr 0xp : Each 9,3k

Interested mostly in clintz or other good lotssmiley
Waiting for good offers and thanks to the mods smiley


Thanks and Please close mods

Hello everyone today i put my price to 500 by card smiley

I have to trade
50 nellie 0 xp : 6,5k/each smiley
50 fixit 0 xp : 5k/each smiley
300 pan 0 xp : 2k/each smiley

I looking for jackie cr , tanaereva cr , caelus cr
tanks mods smileysmiley

I wanna trade 50 heitachi = 44 0 xp and 6 full at 7400 so 7400 x 50 = 370k.

I'm searching for vickie cr (i add something) or playable cr, is a very good price.

Sent me pm smiley

Diyo Cr and Edd Cr
Page Cr and Edd Cr

I'm fine with getting rid of either combo. I just really need Alec.

The lot has now increased to 1000 Lena 0xp
Reserve price is now 2.75m
thats still 2750 per head
please send me your offers smiley

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