monday 16/07/2012

Annuqa and Brampah were traded for Wanda, Mikaal and other Frozn are still available.

Post your offers here or via PM.
I am interested in cash, playable Crs, valuable non-Cr cards (GraksmxxT, Tsubame, Kalindra, Cortez, X-0DUS, ...)
I will consider all reasonable offers above 2.5 M for my Sum Sam Cr full xp

Thank you mod!

sunday 15/07/2012

Costa tipo 300k.

I need lamar cr or vickie cr , tanaereva cr, robb cr ,alec cr , marco cr ,blaaster cr + 100k
it dont must be the same crs , i´ve wrote at the top of my post
pm2me if you´re interested in lao cr !

I will buy him

Just looking for Diana, Lucy, Ditha, Noemi, Wanda, Brittany and Veronica.


Still looking . . . I can buy at least 200 more of them.

Hi all.. i'm looking for cheap charlie with 4stars or less.. price for 50k Clintz..

PM me.. thanks!

I was lucky to get him at 510,000


i would like to trade my 0xp Marlysa Cr vs one with full xp + something - that could be Clintz oder Cards

Thanks! smiley

You can close it smiley

Good Afternoon

Post your offers here or via PM.
I am interested in cash, playable Crs, among other.

Thank you mod!

If you think 5k is not enough, please let me know a number. Its negotiable.
Thank you!

Aldebaran cr has gone! smiley

Thank you! smiley

Searching too Frozn: Mikaal, sah brinak, ayanah smiley

I would like your owen, i sent you a message but no reply
thanks admins

I will buy Sah Brinak for 12k
I am willing to offer cards up to 12k in any combination if cards are preferred than cash

I want a striker and Jenna or tula

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