saturday 14/07/2012

Alec Cr has been sold.
Now i sell 2 Graksmxxt.

Willing to trade all Jungo and Skeelz that i have for

[Sigmund CR]
[Misstwice CR]
[Selsya CR]

Sah Brinak is sold out!

@ Allied, full xp
@ HHM, no problem, I mark to market

AngeldeLeo : your offer is about 960K

A Awso Cr : idk how much vickie cr is (it keeps going up and down soo ...)

I'm trying to complete a Piranas deck. Any xp will do. Prices are not negotiable due to my shortage of Clintz and an expensive market.

Hawkins - 20k
Bloodh - 16k-17k
Ahkab - 12k
Tula - 3k
Tyd - 2k
Talijon - 1k

I know it's rare to find someone with this many graks but i will be willing to go down to 75 graks in the deal with other playable cr's to make up the difference.

when i say "playable" i mean cards such as:
jackie cr
vickie cr
caelus cr
lamar cr
tanaereva cr
kerozinn cr
Tessa cr
alec cr
blaaster cr

friday 13/07/2012

For 636 365 clintz

I'm looking for Elya cr I now have 636 365 for compensation. (thats after the 5% the site takes for a character sale)


Trading my Tsubame for:

Kolos + Oshitsune


Kolos + glorg

Mail me if interested and ty! smileysmiley

Good night
Looking to sell a batch of 800 carter
Reserve price tete 4100 clintzs
Reserve price for the whole lot 3 million clintzs
To negotiate a private message or post here below

Done thnx mods

Selling my full Skeelz deck. I'm looking for 53k in return.

40 k clintz
private sales

I am now offering 2.5 mil in clintz plus all the cards listed above for Guru Cr. If anyone also has a tip about how to make this offer more wanted, I know they aren't the best crs, feel free to give me advice.

Send me your offers in PM. Only reasonable offers please smiley

Who wants to send a private sale . sorry for the bad translations

Still there
100 Troompah 0xp 8 ktete

50 Jimmy 0xp 4.5k tete

2 Elya Cr 720k tete

2 Marlysa Cr 0xp= 3m tete

70 X-0DUS 0xp 65k each

thursday 12/07/2012

Thx for the unique bumps? offer still open.

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