thursday 24/05/2012

I want to buy Kreen Cr for around 45k.
That price is VERY negotiable!
The money isn't an issue, so shoot me a pm and offer!

Only need one and I dont care about 0xp. I plan on playing her at 3*s

I will valute kazayan 5.3k/each
i buy yoshida 0xp for 5.8/each

Done, thx

Can close thanks smiley

The price is negotiable

Zatman for GIL smiley

Searching in market , smiley

Up, and during the time at l wrote this and now both copper and dorian's prices have gone down so a compliment of cash is acceptable

What Cashtrion said smiley

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

If you want to sell, also write the price that you want to sell your card for smiley

For you melanie 40k + kolos 0exp

My cards: tsubame kolos numar dagg uranus and stanly
yours: tanaereva cr
Ill even throw in a lucia if you trade today mod trade excepted and encouraged

Return for X-0DUS Dregn Shaakarti + add-in cards or Clintz
Beltran Cr valued at 200 000 Clintz

wednesday 23/05/2012

Corvus - 6,000
Jay - 18,350
Praxie - 14,800
Logan - 2,400
Manfred - 2,500
Sasha - 2,400
Redra - 650
Sandro - 460

Total 37,560

As far as card trades go, I am looking for the following cards (They don't all have to be in the deal obviously) :

Rowdy, Haze, Peeler, Fuzz , Gibson , Jiro.

I also accept bulk offers of higher value cards, e.g. 12 Fuzz.. Clintz+Cards are welcome. smiley

Thanks mods

All offers genuinely considered

Looking for Ongh or Dregn in trade but I am also interested in uncommon junta, fang pi clang and vortex cards

make me an offer or ask a question about the cards all queries will be answered


I buy Aldebaran Cr full for 900.000 clintz. This is a non playable cr. If you sew her price, this week is 900.000, and I pay all in clintz.

Thanks mods smiley

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