sunday 06/05/2012

Finally got what I wanted smiley, mods please close.

Pls close this mods. thank you. smiley

SOLD. Close this please.

These are gone

5 Kersten + Kazayan + 7 Sigurd + Sammy + Qorah + 2 Lydia + 2 Randal + Nancy + 2 Lucy + 5 Ector + 5 Desmond + 2 Ivy + 3 Wyre + Benicio

saturday 05/05/2012

Im selling 140 taylor at 10500/each

However Im willing to negociate down to 10k/each

plz pm me...only with serious offers please

this is a definite investment opportunity


Robb Cr gone
3 total Marco Cr
add Dwain Cr 0exp
add Chad Bread Cr
add Edd Cr

Want 14,500 for all three

Individual sale prices :

Ayzkub - 5320
Yoshida - 6800
Lucy - 2380

Will also accept trades of semi-high price cards. e.g Lin Xia , Leviatonn etc

Im now looking to trade my 0exp cortez for a dregn and shaakarti

Sold, please close.

I can offer
a full guru
a full marly
9 0xp caelus
5 full Jackie

Thx mods

300 Clintz each, groups of 25 or 50. Groups that are a little higher cost are all 0 xp. Currently they are on Auction, so check them out. smiley

Tanaereva Cr Jackie Cr Caelus Cr Zatman leviatonn & lehane for Sigmund
(all full xP)

friday 04/05/2012

Hello everybody,
I'd like to trade my Marlysa Cr for one of these lots:

29 GraksmxxT full or
27 GraksmxxT 0xp
feel free to negotitate

Pls close this subject.

thanks mod.

If you want to trade it, i'm looking for cards such as Hawkins, Gil, Smokey Cr...
If you want to buy it, it would always cost less than at the market, 245k/250k, but all is negotiable smiley

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