friday 06/07/2012

Got ahkab and still have Macro and the other cards

Thank you all and it is done.

I am going to buy any xp uma for 300 clintz
please put it in my private sale or ps so we can make a deal
thank you smiley

Only Neomi, Muze and Trish left, any takers?

thursday 05/07/2012

I am interested in Caelus Cr

I need a Dugan for under the market price. If you have an offer please PM me.

I am looking to trade kolos and ghumbo for all all stars but the collectors

I`m looking for Fang Pi Clang and willing to trade any of my Sakrohm for them

Looking for: Tubame, Yoshida, Kuei, Kingo and anyone else

I have to trade:Graksmxxt, Uranus, Eris, Skrumxxt, Slopsh

Hi everybody, I'm looking for lots of Copper (I estimate it 40-42k each) for some of my Jackies cr (230k each).
Contact me here or by pm smiley

Exchanged !

you close thanks -_^

I`ll trade my Graksmxxt for Tsubame and some clintz

Title says it all, just private trade me with the price if interested.

Still lookingsmiley

I am looking to make the following trade:

My 0exp Jim Cr for your Tanaereva Cr at any experience.

Able to supply a small collateral.

That is all.

Thanks FO,

wednesday 04/07/2012

Looking to trade a few of my Cr's for one off the list below. I'll accept other propositions but I'm looking primarily for these 3 cards.

I'm looking for:
Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Splata Cr

What I offer:
Miss Twice Cr
Beltran Cr (0 xp)
Skullface Cr
Smokey Cr
Edd Cr
Jane Ramba Cr
Marco Cr
Robb Cr

PM me for faster results.

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