sunday 22/04/2012

Hello everyone,

I'm trading my Marlysa Cr full xp for 29 Graksmxxt 0xp.
It's negotiable, send me pm for faster response smiley

I am looking to trade for Elya Cr, heres what I have to offer:

190,000 clintz
34x Troompah - 5,750 each (17 0 exp/17 full) = 5,750 x 34 = 195,500
4x Yoshida - 9,000 each (all 0 exp) = 9,000 x 4 = 36,000
4x Arnie - 3,500 each (all full) = 3,500 x 4 = 14,000
10x Pyro - 1,500 each (all 0 exp) = 1,500 x 10 = 15,000
1x Diana (full) = 8,500

= 459,000

I think this is a fair deal, but as always we can negotiate. I have some other lots I might be willing to trade. Pm for faster response. Thx mods.

I am looking for an alec cr, although cortez,copper,and coby would be just as nice
and i offer 23 rubie i value them at current market price i am open to negotiations.

Hi, i'm selling a lots of c wing and oflgn :

54 c wing : 21 full 33 0exp

Price : 420K

48 oflgn : 32 full 16 0exp

Price : 370K

Price are not locked, i can talk about them, i accept cr or cash. I prefer trading with PM.

Thanks Staff

Selling my Blaaster Cr for 80k + or - ( negotiable) ASAP,
message me here and i will private sell it to you.

saturday 21/04/2012

Looking for Jackie Cr , i offer Robb Cr, Tsubame & Charlie

And i need a Zatman + Maurich too , I offer Yayoi+ 1000 clintz



Does anybody wanna sell this card up to 40,000

Will to listen to other offers for other higher value cards

kusuri (x2)
Sung Tsu (x2)
Anibal (x2)
Methane (x2)
Azgroth (x2)
Nistarok (x2)
Miss Lulabee
Oflgn (x2)

Looking for cards like spyke, Copper, Kolos, Robb cr. 0xp is preferred but I will consider all offers. PM for faster response.

My 3 Edd Cr 0xp + my Heegrn Cr 0xp + my clintz for your Caelus Cr

I offer more clintz if your Caelus Cr is 0xp


Hi guys,
Im looking for a Vickie cr, i want to buy her if you make a good price, i want her smiley
White what you want for her


I can add Praxie 0xp now...

I'm in need of avola [5k]
Pm me

Yes you're right. I invested about 380k in Cortez.

El Gringo and Randy gone, No longer need Grudj

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