friday 11/05/2012

Looking to buy a 1 star Burt from from the uppers, the picture of him with the huge novelty check. will pay 1.1k clintz.

I offer charlie make private trade if you are interested

Where are those DJs? Every few weeks there are new copies come out from ELO prizes.smiley

How many veenyl? for 3 i'm oksmiley

thursday 10/05/2012

Marina's gone, don't need kenny or boden now.


I want Sentinel cards, not junkz. Appologies.

Also Grudj is gone.

Pls closesmiley

Trade completed, closing thread. Thanks for the offers.

Draheera = 9k clintz
Melvin = 9.5k clintz
Trade to Fei or Kuei

@ zNICHKHUN what on earth are you going on about, im sorry did i reject your trade and your going in a huff? they're my cards so i chose the trades i want!!!! if you had offered me something of interest maybe i would have actually accepted. So in future dont comment on my post if you have nothing of value to add, seems like your just a busy body with nothing better to do!

@ Chedmn, sorry ill have a look now and get back to you and ill check how many i have left for an update.

Kerozinn Cr + 2 kolos + Charlie + yayoi + 2 noodile cr + cortez + Lulabee and serena = 685k for your tessa cr lowest current market price = 687k

Mods, please close


wednesday 09/05/2012

Thank you ark

also looking for marco cr smokey cr robb cr

Done , thanks for the posts , closing the thread ! smiley

Adding 2 Elya Cr 0 exp to the trade

Update: I sold my Morphun so instead of Morphun I am adding an extra 13k
Arnie 0xp
hefty 0xp
Jimmy 0xp
Raquel 0xp
26k Clintz

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