saturday 23/06/2012

My offer is this:
2x Dalhia----> 73k
Spyke-----> 23.500
if you need one or more cards ask me in mp thanks you smiley

thx mods

You can trade all for a kalindra

I would like to trade my Nahi Cr Full Xp (valued at 200,000 clintz) for Alec Cr Any Xp (valued at 150,000 clintz) and Marco Cr Any Xp (valued at 49,000 clintz)

Pm me for faster results.. thx Mods smiley

Looking for 27k

Aldebaran Cr, Lamar Cr, 8 Marco Cr + 1 Blaaster have gone smiley

friday 22/06/2012

Looking for 5 beef

Thank you, moderator! smiley

Hello guys
I trade my rass cr 0 xp for 1,2 / 1,3 M
I looking for : jackie cr , tanaereva cr , caelus cr all full xp
I like lot's of : yoshida , michael and tolliver
Tanks moderator smileysmiley

Kenny and chaira for 20k smiley

I just bought a titanium pack and have a bunch of cards i could give for her please help

All that is left is 17 0xp Magenta

My caelus cr 0 xp for your caelus full +15000 or say how much for it

I have:
2 yoshidas 0xp (15000)
2 heegrn 0xp (32000)
1 spike 0 xp (24000)
4 Benicio 0xp(5000)
2 Randal 0 xp (3000)
2 Sammy 0 xp (5500)
1 Maurice 0xp (6500)
2 Rhyno 0 xp (7000)
1 Michael 0xp (13000)
1 Dregn full (50000)
1 Olga 0xp

Update my 0xp cards include :-

Sum sam cr
Flavio cr
Rass cr
A Award cr
Beltran cr

Im not looking for much of a compliment for the cards just smething to take them away, id hate to see someone like me waste them by leveling them x


It's done :b
Thanks Mods smiley

I trade my shawoman cr +100k for Tessa cr + lamar cr + Splata cr + Kerozinn cr

100k negotiable

I trade 3 wakai for taylor

im up for negotiations

thx mod

Its done smiley
thankyou mods smiley

My Tanaereva Cr 0xp + 19009 clintz for Reine Cr + Diego.

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