monday 16/04/2012

Got them in deck packs that I bought from the store, want to get rid of them. Will sell both together for 7,200 clintz. Also accepting trades of Roots/Sakrohm cards that I am interested in/ Don't already own. Will sell Maurice separately for 5,500 and Thormund for 1,800. Thanks

Vickie cr 0exp + graksmxxt -> jackie cr + 2 caelus cr + alec cr ???

Amiral py cr is gone.

But he is 114k in market.. i offer cards of cost 110 k smiley

What can you offer for 100 heegrn cr 0 XP ? just pm me

You cards are already up for auction, not necessary to make this thread smiley

Sold (for over market price)

sunday 15/04/2012

I will buy Sigmund Cr for 500k

Title says it all Blaaster Cr (full exp) + 20 000 for Caelus Cr any exp
Message me for quicker results
Thanks smiley

No one wants 49 esmeralda?

Will also take assorted Skeelz or Sentinel.

I am looking to buy Lamar Cr!!!

I can offer 1 Kerozinn Cr full xp and clints,
offers? go private message

I sell 46 Stella 0XP
I accept all cards .
I want to sell at 7500/tete

PM for negociate !

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