tuesday 17/04/2012

I got 100 hegrnn 60 of them are max, 40 the rest are 0 xp.
the 0 xp for 17 000 and the max for 16000.

i'm looking for Vickie Cr (490 000),
grakmxxt (52 000)
Lamar Cr (480 000).

send me private messages smiley and answer here too

Whats your pirce for shakra

monday 16/04/2012

Got them in deck packs that I bought from the store, want to get rid of them. Will sell both together for 7,200 clintz. Also accepting trades of Roots/Sakrohm cards that I am interested in/ Don't already own. Will sell Maurice separately for 5,500 and Thormund for 1,800. Thanks

Vickie cr 0exp + graksmxxt -> jackie cr + 2 caelus cr + alec cr ???

Amiral py cr is gone.

But he is 114k in market.. i offer cards of cost 110 k smiley

What can you offer for 100 heegrn cr 0 XP ? just pm me

You cards are already up for auction, not necessary to make this thread smiley

Sold (for over market price)

sunday 15/04/2012

I will buy Sigmund Cr for 500k

Title says it all Blaaster Cr (full exp) + 20 000 for Caelus Cr any exp
Message me for quicker results
Thanks smiley

No one wants 49 esmeralda?

Will also take assorted Skeelz or Sentinel.

I am looking to buy Lamar Cr!!!

I can offer 1 Kerozinn Cr full xp and clints,
offers? go private message

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