sunday 06/05/2012

For those who are interested in 0xp's :

70 / 266 is 0xp
196 / 266 is full xp.

Looking for lots of Yoshida or you could throw me an offer.
PM me for faster Negotiations.

I'm buying her at 300 clintz per card. 0 exp only. just put it on private sale. if you'll be selling 10 or more at a time, i'll buy it at 320 clintz per card.
thanks mods.

Karen, Spudd, Jessie and Miss Jessie

Finally got what I wanted smiley, mods please close.

Pls close this mods. thank you. smiley

SOLD. Close this please.

These are gone

5 Kersten + Kazayan + 7 Sigurd + Sammy + Qorah + 2 Lydia + 2 Randal + Nancy + 2 Lucy + 5 Ector + 5 Desmond + 2 Ivy + 3 Wyre + Benicio

saturday 05/05/2012

Im selling 140 taylor at 10500/each

However Im willing to negociate down to 10k/each

plz pm me...only with serious offers please

this is a definite investment opportunity


Robb Cr gone
3 total Marco Cr
add Dwain Cr 0exp
add Chad Bread Cr
add Edd Cr

Want 14,500 for all three

Individual sale prices :

Ayzkub - 5320
Yoshida - 6800
Lucy - 2380

Will also accept trades of semi-high price cards. e.g Lin Xia , Leviatonn etc

Im now looking to trade my 0exp cortez for a dregn and shaakarti

Sold, please close.

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