thursday 14/06/2012

For collectors cards summary price about 2000000

pm me

Still looking, other collectors between 60-100k will be considered aswell.

Chad Bread Cr [Ulu Watu] Is Ridiculously Overpriced. He was 45K Yesterday..!

So I offer 45K...Anyone.....

I wish to trade my Sigmund Cr 0xp for Vickie Cr + kolos or GraksmxxT

Offer is negotiable, please offer via pm. Otherwise secure trade. Thanks

50 Stella 0xp
20 Serena 0xp
10 Selina 0xp
10 Ray 0xp
Tsubame 0xp
3 Marco Cr Full


I wish to trade my Caelus Cr 0xp for full exp Caelus Cr + 15k

Offer is negotiable, please offer via pm. Otherwise secure trade. Thanks


Hi all, I sell/trade the 3 cards in lots.

Lot 1:
220 Desmond, 180 0xp and 40 full ------> ---> 2795/cad

Lot 2:
45 Lucy, 25 0xp and 20 full ------> ---> 4890/cad

Lot 3:
Eebiza 55, 40 0xp  and 15 full------> ---> 5000/cad

Lots are indivisible, but are negotiable.

-Cr playable: vikie cr (585K-600K), Tanaereva Cr (220K-235K), Splata Cr (449K-455K), Blaaster Cr (89K-95K) Ombre Cr (320K-330K), Tessa Cr (830k-835K ), Lamar Cr (525K-550K) Smokey Cr (81K-90K), Robb Cr (60K-68K).
-The following cards only if 0xp: GraksmxxT, Kolos, Numar Dregn, Cortez, Charlie.
-Lots of cards over 15-20K of price.

I do not accept lots of low value cards or small cr like Chikko cr or terry cr.

Contact in MP for offert. Trade are made through the secure trade.

Thanks mod and fo

3 0xp Deea
Tafa 0xp

I Trade or sell 2 Caelus Cr full.
I'm looking for Cash or one Jackie Cr + cash.
Otherwise i can consider other offerts.

I have 50 Selina all 0xp that I would like to change into newer CR's, such as Edd CR, Jane Ramba CR, Heegrn CR ect...
I value Selina at 5,000 each totaling 250k.
Let me know your offers we can work out a deal.
PMs are fastest

Bump! Still looking to get rid of the Skullface smiley

Kuei level 4 for your Kuei full xp
Neil level 4 for your Neil full xp

And slevin I value your Desmond at 1.1m considering im only untreated in the 500 0exp

Also now have 0xp ayah
and 0xp xu52

wednesday 13/06/2012

Guys just to be clear, i'm offering some of these characters not all of them.


Just to complete my collection

I would like
1. Selsya CR + Sigmund CR, OR
2. Rass CR, OR
3. Ambrose CR + Dwain CR + Ombre CR

Please PM to discuss.

I will be trading my jackie cr + 50k worth of cards of your choice for a jim cr!

drop me a mail if interested =)

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