thursday 21/06/2012

Look at markt and get 100 heegren under 14.5 k not possible

I have some frozen pm me if you have jungo up for trade

Good evening I want sell my Armanda cr full
I want cr like tessa cr vickie cr caelus cr jackie cr or cash
I don't accept lot of cards like 10 blaaster cr or 10 robb cr and simil
prize on the market = 2.4M
my prize = around 2M negoziable
for info and offert mp smiley

wednesday 20/06/2012

Also accepting caelus cr and tanaereva cr

Hello every one

i want Sammy lot
i have Cr and cards to offer
i value sammy on 2500 clintz
i want 0 xp to full xp
plz not single copy minimum 10 card to offer

Sold, please close.

I am offering Seldnor Cr (0xp) and 2 Veenyle Cr (Full xp) for Alec Cr (Full xp or 0xp).

Still looking. Everything is negociable. smiley

Are you only willing to trade kalindra for cortez or any other cards and compliment??

I have 2 Selma 0 xp
1 Kolos 0 xp
1 Dalhia full
2 Katan Full
and some Berzerks like 3 Beef 2 Taylor
and clintzs
pm me if interested

Good price
you should find someone especially at 24K

I can offer full exp kolossmiley

I trade my showaman cr for 2kk with some cr : vicke cr tanaereva cr jackie cr robb cr caelus cr kolos + complement

New offer - For Jackie Cr I will give:

Smokey Cr
3x Yoshida 0xp
Michael 0xp

Hello !
I buy all your Benicio 0xp 1000 clintz in my private.
If you have a lot of Benicio, we can negociate the price for private message.

Thks modos.

You only search clintz?


All berzerk cards excluding cortez = 71k.

Cortez = 73k

I compliment 1 Eloxia with my berzerk cards for Cortez smiley

tuesday 19/06/2012

Hi i wanna trade a bulk of 1000 miho i value them 750 cad so the bulk is valued 750000

I'm searching for clintz, cr , cards. I don't wanna bulk if they are not of berzerks.

Pm me if interested

Thank you admin

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