friday 13/04/2012

I'm already trying to trade away a Dregn for a Kreen Cr so no thanks.

I'm looking to trade my bogdan, olga, grudj, and ctz for a shakra, noodile, and ratanah. Pm w/ offers, kinda need these asap

Dregn for ur dugans 50*

Dont do it myeltd just sell the cortez and dregn and buy one on the market smiley

Don't have any uranus anymore

Hi i am looking for:

lammar cr i evaluate (480 000 k), so one lamar cr (yours) for one vickie cr (mine).

my splata cr (465 000 k) for some nistarok (6000 k each). i have 2 splata to trade.

Sorry for mistake!!=)

My offer is
3 Cassio Cr 0xp , 1 Cassio Cr full + 100 000 in clintz!!

My Dregn
Your Kreen CR
Let's do it!

As the title states....

and if youre interested in my auction..

thanks mods

K mate tnx a ton smiley
wil do smiley

I would like to have Dalhia, and I am willing to give a Taylor + Veenyle CR.

It's traded guyz smiley

(thnx mods)

Xodus shakaratti Uranus + compliment (Clint's or cards) for a full exp blaaster cr pm me

Thnx for posting

i got 500 now I'm great close pls mods

thursday 12/04/2012

Hi, i would like to buy ambrose cr but im a little bit short on clintz. i would like you guys to make me a good deal. i have 232,985 clintz and a alec cr that i will sell for ambrose cr

I have Kiki cr, send me and mp, to ad complement for my kiki cr

I will also mention that 130 Jimmy are 0xp smiley

Looking for
Enzo 4000 clintz
Mona 20000 clintz
and Avola 5000-5500 clintz

Also the 290k can be composed of cards instead

cards im interested in are:
chad bread cr

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