sunday 25/02/2018

Its clintz not clients you dont offer anyone job smiley

Oh yeah marco + 800k lmao wp killic

Thank you so much Jethro!

Cookiz won sorry took so long ended at 7 congrats

Thank you alot!

Coming in hot boys smiley

Wrong forum bro smiley haha should be in french forums

saturday 24/02/2018

Hi ! im looking for trade these cards:

Chiara Cr full 100k
100 Redra 0xp 16k each
Marco Cr full 270k
Slyde Cr full 55k
140 Sue 0xp 2.5k each
Hurry Cody 0xp 13k
Burton 0xp 22k
Gus Rope 0xp 15k
Hermosa 15k
3 Bambino 0xp 220k each
5 Ford 0xp 16k each
Zaria 0xp 40k
Miss Sloane 0xp 17k
2 Mortenzen 0xp 25k each
3 Kruger 0xp 15k each
Geoffrey 0xp 42k
Lehane Full 60k
Miss Chloe 0xp 30k
2 #Al-Lycs 23k each
Aegis 0xp 65k
6 #Core 0xp 145k each
Maa-IA 0xp 25k
C Beast 0xp 18k
Heegrn Cr Full 60k
Hawkins Cr Full 185k
7 El Tortillo 0xp 11k each
Sigma Cr Full 145k
Boris Cr Full 85k
Robb Cr Full 460k
Roderick 0xp 330k
Saki 0xp 50k
6 Natasha 0xp 8k each
3 Pa Mei 0xp 30k each
5 Shao Xue 16k each
Lin Bee Cr full 50k
4 Timanov 0xp 25k each
3 Absolem 0xp 22k each
Sabotage 0xp 55k
Shann Cr Full 155k
Yayoi Cr Full 160k
Ginnifer 0xp 50k
Niva 0xp 30k
Noodile Cr Full 60k
4 Bakko 0xp 12k each
2 McLayton 0xp 30k each
Silvano 0xp 38k
Spiaghi Cr Full 52k
2 Newell 165k each

I'm looking for:

Behemoth 0xp 600k - Full 550k

Barden 40k only 0xp
Shinobi 170k only 0xp
Some +1M Cr and +500k Card .Better if 0xp.

PM for offer.

All 0XP, 1x
150k Clintz

Auctioning :

- Shann Cr
- Marco Cr

End in 22min so last bid is at xx:29pm

Accept cash and Cr

Market price : 207500x2 = 415k

Looking preferably 0xp lookingfor one a little under market price 80-85k can offer cards or clintz

Sorry man but im only looking for them ghost town

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