tuesday 29/05/2018

18,5M cash if you want

monday 28/05/2018

Ciao, scambio 1 phonos cr 0 xp per una cr 0xp tra:
Flo Cr
Lin Bee Cr
Sakura Cr
Greem Cr
Dolly Cr
Kawamashi Cr

sunday 27/05/2018

Hi, i buy your hachi 0xp 17k cash

I can upgrade the offert with good quantity

I can also trade, you can ask in inbox for a card

Bro... Clint city millionaire club...
I barely have a half millions clintz and I've playing the game for years...smiley

Good evening,

I exchange:
- Tanaereva Cr full 2M
- 3 Ymirah Cr 0 xp 1,84M/t
- Caelus Cr 0 xp 1,25M
- Blaaster Cr 0 xp 0,9M

I am looking for (full):
- Cash
- Jackie Cr 1,17M
- Kalindra Cr 1,3M
- Miss Twice Cr 3,1M
- Vickie Cr 3,5M
- Splata Cr 4,25M
- Lamar Cr 4,3M
- Marlysa Cr 5M
- Cannibal Jo Cr 12M

Hi i received the others but it seems that 1 kolos 0xp is still missing from the ones you sent or the market is having bugs again which won't let me see the kolos 0xp

saturday 26/05/2018


I'm looking to buy Lucky 0xp for 3k each.

Thanks smiley

I'm selling a Reine Cr 0xp for 2.9M clintz or trading her + 400k for Nemo Mt any xp. Offers can be made here or through PM.

friday 25/05/2018

I plan to buy 10-20 of each card so just send it to my ps for 3K or lower smiley

Buying in bulks both Fang Pi Clang cards
Yu Mei 10-20
Yusuke 10-20

Just send to my ps or contact me if u have a lot

So, i'm offering my 3x 0XP Dregn for your full xp ( or any xp ) Jackie Cr as listed on the market value :

1x Jackie Cr full xp - 1185k

1x Dregn 0xp - 400k

Good deal for both players. Thank you

Gents, Chiken litt didn't had the card to make the exchange, probably was looking to be a bit 'smart'

so, as i mentioned, the deal is still open for anyone who is looking for investment ( price is same as market value )

thank you

thursday 24/05/2018

I recently came back to the game and I have 215 Crazy Carlos 0xp for sale/trade

Cards that I'm looking for (Full)
Dounia Mt
Miss twice cr
Lamar cr
Kerozinn mt
Alec Mt
kiki cr
dj korr cr

Thank you

I offer Kiki Cr full 19,5M

I am looking for:
- Lots of cr over 0,3M/t
- Cash
- Cannibal Jo Cr 0 xp 12M
- Jackie Cr 0 xp 1,45M
- Lamar Cr 0 xp 4,5M
- Lyse Teria Cr 0 xp 20M
- Guru Cr 0 xp 19M
- Kiki Cr 0 xp + 0,3M
- DJ Korr Cr full 19,5M
- Spyke Mt full 0,54M
- Ratanah Mt 0 xp 0,53M
- Splata Cr 0 xp 4,3M
- Vickie Cr full 3,4M
- Miss Twice Cr 3M

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