thursday 15/03/2018

wednesday 14/03/2018

I'll buy some bakko/shaoxue/cosmos and then trade them for vickie 0 exp smiley. smiley

VTE isn't English bro. This is the English forum.

The title says it all, any evolution will do! I buy really quick!

I.e. 5 zaveli= 7 Roderick

Both trades are done.

It is not nice to interfer in others' business isn't it?

That's the point dude. I have 15 Gil and I'm looking to trade 2x Gil for one Spyke. zzz

My 3054 tekumman (2433 0 xp for 16400 50M

I want
Spyke Mt 0 xp 550k

Kolos Cr 0 xp 350k

#quetzal 0 xp 680k

Script other propost

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I offer Melissa Cr full xp(2M) + Smokey Mt full xp(1,65M) + 50K for your 1 Alec Mt full xp(3.7M)


Oh I'm interested just not gonna give up my 0 exp Vickie for free lol if I wanted to do that I would just level her up from my reserve smiley

tuesday 13/03/2018

Salut je veux acheter ces cartes:

-2 Serafina 0 xp (610k chacun) Total: 1,230M
-3 C0re 0 xp (120k chacun) Total: 360k
-1 Rowdy Cr n'importe quel xp (200k)
- 2 Sabotage 0 xp (38k chacun) Total 76.6k
- 1 Sigma Cr n'importe quel XP (130k)

Si vous êtes intéressé envoyez-moi un pm ou mettre ces cartes dans mon ps smiley

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1- Learn english before typing on the english forum.
2- Don't type if you're not interested.

Have a good one ! smiley

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