thursday 12/04/2012

Heres what I can offer:
Caelus Cr
Alec Cr
Tanman Cr
Blaaster Cr
Kreen Cr
Robb Cr
160K Clintz
Make your own combination which equivalent to Vickie Cr, price negotiable.
PM me plz

Guys, you dont understand, he only wants to trade his cr's for more expensive cr's, like marlysa and sum sam. He doesnt want small crs or normal cards!

wednesday 11/04/2012

Sell thanks

Pm me when youre interested smiley i like playable crs like vicky lamar etc. but i also like good normal cards.

Too late, already traded! Can close smiley

Im looking for Robb Cr
I offer Charlie 0xp + 23k

pm me if interested

thanks mods

I won't leave cause actually i have one that i don't use so i may exchange it to you

Ill do it fellow aussie smiley

Spyke lol sorry

Still looking my friends !

About my price :
heegrn Cr full : 14K
Heegrn Cr 0 xp: 15K
Many Heegrn Cr 0 xp 16K

It's good price because on market u can finsome Heegrn 0 xp to 13,5K or less!
Make some profit with my research !
Easy money smiley

I Search Swidz Cr , Smokey Cr , Cassio Cr , Chad Bread Cr , Page Cr e Seldon Cr.

I Offer GraksmxxT full , 3 Marco Cr full , Edd Cr 0 xp , Heegrn Cr full , Kenny full , C Wing 0 xp , Veenyle Cr.

Send Your Offers with mp

Thanks Mod

tuesday 10/04/2012

Would you be prepared for a trade for your Kerozinn Cr
which would in clude 115k clintz and charaters matching the value of Kerozinn Cr
from Piranas , Sentinel, Pussycats or Sakrohm
each clan has charaters to the value of just over 100k each so you if wanted can chose 3 clans and 115k or all 4 clans respectivley? message if intrested

OK, close the offer smiley

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