sunday 18/03/2012

Hello, i can offer Tanaereva cr, Baldovino, Cassandra, Gork, Toro, Wardom, Rowdy, selina, Stanly, Shayna, serena, lulabee, Hikiyousan, Shakra, and 100000 for vickie cr. I think that that is about even, but if you want more i have more cards. I also have some bangers, sakhranohm, nightmare. Thank you

I trade my tanaereva cr full +somethig to decide for one 0 exp

Done, please close. smiley

I am selling Heegrn for 57000 to purchase some cards I need to finish off my collection of Berzerk. Message me please as I do not check these posts often.

My 4 spiaghi for your bloodh

pm me if interested

Hello I am looking for a Kerozinn Cr (value +/- 400k)

my offer would be: 5x Jane Ramba (5 x 65k = 325k) + Kolos (54k) = 379k
I will supplement the rest with clintz.. so + 21k to ensure we get both a fair deal.

Total: 379k in cards + 21k in clintz = 400k for your Kerozinn Cr.

Please feel free to contact me,

thanks mods

I offer Jackie Cr + clintz

I look for Marco Cr and Alec Cr.

PM me if interested

I got what I want. You may close this, moderators.

Please Write the names of the card/s you want to give in return.

Please Write the name of the card/s you want to give in return.

He can buy one for 13K in market, don't see point in ur offer... smiley

saturday 17/03/2012

Or I can give my graksmxxT full + 3500 clintz for your graksmxxT 0 exp by secure trade.

Looking for loretta

So I´m looking for Marco Cr and Alec Cr for Jackie Cr plus some clintz. If there is anyone interested, pm me.

Thanks to the staff

Trading Vickie Cr for Kerozinn Cr + Hawkins.

Mp please. smiley

Leviatonn are sold ,
there's still the dagg for : 32K head smiley

60x Azel for 19 Oflgn,if u interested ,PM me

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