thursday 24/05/2018

Clive - 77k
Djengo - 80k
Xingshu - 70k
Dragomir - 180k

Currently I only have 400k clintz. Pm or post here , thanks for looking. Cards is for my collection.

Up, I still need 5 more smiley

Minimun is on the 80ks

wednesday 23/05/2018

2 Xantiax Robb Cr 0 xp 2,3M/t

I accept:
- Cash
- Ymirah Cr 0 xp 1,85M
- Jackie Cr full 1,18M
- Spyke Mt 0 xp 0,55M
- Ratanah Mt 0 xp 0,53M

Buying raam for 186,000

Good Evening. I wish to buy Raam for 186,000.
Anyone interested pl contact

Would you trade nemo MT for muze?

Just checking what the card is Houtay

tuesday 22/05/2018

Hi, #General cr 0 xp + 1.000.000 for Kiki Cr?

Hello ,

I m looking for :-
Seldnor Cr any xp

Single copy.

I can offer 800k.

If interested ps me.

Looking for Ruru for 40K
Pm me pls if your willing to sell it for that price

Still looking for a Drak and Ruru
not full Xp

Thanks rowdy

I'll buy yours (0xp):

173 Frankie Hi 2.5k/t
145 Larry 2k/t
100 Anita 2k/t
365 Sandro 2k/t
160 Venus 2.5k/t
124 Gertjan 1.8k/t
132 Mo DiFalco 2k/t
93 Mikki 1.5k/t
95 Burt 1.5k/t
80 Cley 1.7k/t
136 Zoltan 1.5k/t
97 Erpeto 4k/t
99 Soushee 1.7k/t
80 Ricardo 1.7k/t
184 Suzie 2k/t
31 Flyer 1.7k/t
99 Natrang 2k/t
85 Tatane 1.5k/t
120 Sayura 1.7k/t
84 Klaus 1.3k/t
25 Jay 35k/t
20 Clover 30k/t
45 Wanda 8k/t
50 Zlatar 15k/t

I'm also looking for (only trade):

Yayoi Cr 0xp 210k/t
Veenyle Cr 0xp 180k/t
Raam 0xp 190k/t
Maana Cercei 660k/t

PM me if u have some of these cards.

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