wednesday 14/03/2012

I change my Dragan cr by Crs.

Proposals must reach a minimum price of 850 000, but may suffer increased as the market price

Looking to purchase Charlie with clintz only. Not looking to trade. Please reply here or send a PM with a reasonable offer. Obviously if I were looking to pay full market value I'd just buy one.

tuesday 13/03/2012

BUMP, I am still looking for all the cards, just PM me your price if the price on here is too low.

I'm look for a good deal on Dregn, I have cards that could make up for parts of his price, I have card such as Heitachi, Kinjo and Lena.

PM me for a more detailed list if interested.

(( P.S: Sorry if I posted twice, I didn't see this go up when I clicked Create. smiley ))

Or [Trade] any card you wanted

Are you offering a complement for this trade? I ask because there is close to 3M between these two in market value.

I have Guru Cr and would be willing to trade, but not straight up.

Hiya guys, I'm looking to trade my Ndololo Cr for your Tessa Cr + Compliment.
I don't really care what the compliment is, as long as it makes the deal fair.
Pm me, post here, i don't really care.
I would take Tessa Cr with a Splata Cr, and I'm sure we can negotiate. I am very reasonable,
just give me a chance to be.

Apart from that, if you're not interested, then enjoy your browsing, and have a nice day.
Thanks mods.

Selling them both together for a square Mill.

1,000,000 Clintz for both of them. PM me if interested in this.

I've got like 80+ that are 0xp.(: and sorry... Caelus Cr is too low of an offer for me..:T

[TRADE]Your X-ODUS for my 34 pcs gretchen msg me if deal.. thanks

Here's whats left...
> Kuei full
> Kusuri x2
> Sung Tsu x2
> Zinfrid
> Anibal x2
> Draheera
> Methane x2
> XU52
> Azgroth x2
> Ielena
> Nistarok x2
> Pan
> Russel
> Phyllis
> Tula
> Tyd
> Murray
> Logan
> Damian
> Krung
> Sekutor
> Oflgn x2

Selling TrinmkkT & Jautya for 3828 clintz as a package deal if you want them come and get them. Contact me on here so you can get them.


Miss Twice Cr = 197k


JAckie Cr= 160k
Edd Cr = 35k

monday 12/03/2012

Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.

dagg (30.000)
dregn (55.000)
c wing (7.500)
cyb lia (3.000)
jackie cr (160.000)
caelus cr (115.000)
50 lolly (30.000)
others with a value between 7k and 15k, pm me if interested.

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