monday 02/04/2012

I wanna buy a n edd cr 0 exp, my offer is EDD cr full lvl + 2000clintz. plz contact me if interesting.

Note: just message me here, no private messages. Thanks smiley

Yes, i'm still looking for them smileysmileysmiley

Who is Shadows CR? smiley

sunday 01/04/2012

I sold all cards and got cash!!
So right now I can offer 435000 in cash!!!

Im buying some jungo cards and Karrion BELOW market price
I need:
Rodney Elea Mindy Troompah and Eggman you can PM me.

Thanks the offer is completed

Last sold, went for 720000

Please write your offers in a pm. thanks...

Also available:
4 Bryan
4 Dugan
6 Trish
2 Naginata
3 C Beast
8 C Wing
4 Deea
1 Dregn

Selling Ojibway from Roots team.
looking for 1500 clintz.
If someone intrested can Pm me too.

I'm looking to trade Caelus Cr for Alec Cr. Seems like a fair deal. smiley

saturday 31/03/2012

smileysmiley good luck slevin! smiley

Marty was not selected to become the Vortex Cr so I am left with 2356 Marty all 0exp.

I am looking for playable Cr (preferably 0exp), Graksmxxt, and cash.

Mainly just looking for offers.

Starting: 50/head
Reserve: 531/head

Looking to trade the following:

0xp Tsubame = 0xp Seldnor CR
0xp Tsubame = 0xp Cassio CR
0xp Tsubame = 0xp Page CR
0xp Tsubame = 0xp Swidz CR
105k clintz + 0xp Dalhia + 0xp Bloodh + 0xp Sting = (Full) Jackie CR

also looking to make deals for 0xp A Award, 0xp Selsya , 0xp Sigmund and 0xp Beltran

Pm for quicker responses smiley


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