thursday 17/05/2012

Trade done. Managed to get more than I thought I could out of him.

Take squirtroll's offer he's good plz tryna help u out

Michael has been traded now

Noddile cr + Some roots also acceptable

Thanks but No thanks

My reine cr 0xp for you card and/Clintz. Interesting:

jackie cr
alec cr
blaaster cr
smokey cr
robb cr
caelus cr

moderators please acceptsmiley

Good morning to all

I put the following lots up for auction:
LOT1: 250 Herman 0xp
Start price : 1000/one
Reserve price: 4220/one

LOT2: 225 Norman 0xp
SP : 500/one
RP : 1400/one

LOT3: 100 Diana 0xp
SP : 1000/one
RP : 9000/one

LOT4: 100 Elvis 0xp
PDD : 1000/one
PDR : 9500/one

LOT5: 100 Belgosi 0xp
SP : 1000/one
RP : 4000/one

End Saturday at 15 p.m.
I try:
-cards (all 0xp in lots) as Ghumbo, Hawk, Hawok, Rolph, Bodenpower, Sigurd, Sammy, Ratanah, Striker, Toro, kerry, Glorg, Oshitsune, Gertrud, Nanook....

I do not accept other cards in the new bllod !!!!
PS=if your bid does not satisfy me warn you that I will not even accept!!

The exchange will be done in safe mode

Thanks to the mod who accept this auction!!

To you the cheapest!

X-0DUS isn't that good, if his SOA wasn't a courage he would be a bulldozer. There are many cards that go a lot cheaper who are actually a lot better then him, but Vortex are all expensive card ; that in reality are just turds painted with gold.

List estimate of 220,000 Clintz, additional payment is required.
Cards are not in the list, which may be of interest
Z3r0 D34d

Final completed
thanks to all that i traded with


A award cr has a higher market value now than Reine Cr.

Any takers??

wednesday 16/05/2012

Want 9k for both of them. 4.1k for Benicio and 4.9k for Selina.

I know it's only a small trade, but they are 2 really desirable cards I just got from the same pack smiley

Thanks mods

I want either lola or taham that make it equal trade

thanks mods.

Also need to clarify that I'm obviously not offering all of those cards for Alec Cr, I was simply stating what I was willing to trade and if you message me we can work out a fair deal!

And a graksmxx t50k

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