saturday 10/03/2012

I have only 1 marco 0 xp left (55K)
many Spyke 0 xp (20K)
many Selina (5,5K)
C Wing 0 xp is a bit more (13K)

I still need some X-Odus 0 xp contact me u can earn some clintz on the trade !

Check out my auction, all the uxoh and archies for 31k, thats 1k under market price

Nm, closing the thread...

I have 5 0 exp aelus i'll trade them for your tessa cr

friday 09/03/2012

Looking to buy Miss Stella for 2k. smiley

Pls close this topic, trade has been done.

In case some get confused ... the total value of the complement I request is 1k, not 1k for each card (meaning, it is 500 clintz for each card).

Trading lots of my cards for bulks of Dugan!
I've got lot's of cards to trade!
I've got:
Jackie Cr
and many more! please trade me your Dugans!

I'll buy someone's Jim Cr for 160k! Pm me if interested! Just pm if you have a Jim Cr at all!! D':

thursday 08/03/2012

Thx, Ark!

I still gots one! Who wants it?

Ive traded now thanks mods smiley

I give my Marlysa for 25 Graks smiley

60 Danae (all 0exp)
500 clintz each

@30k or trade for 20 erika (any exp)

As i said i can trade with caelus cr

I sent you a message if you're still looking.

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