friday 23/02/2018

Dakota sold.

Just Marshal to go!

53 of them 0xp Tariel

- Cash or some Crs
Pm me if interested

Trading my Serafina (full) + 30K for Butcher Braxton (any xp). PM me smiley

Im looking to buy guru cr for 18.5 mil

No1 interested?

I offer
Smokey Mt full
Behemoth full
Roderick 0xp

Thanks for anyone considering

My Vickie Cr full is on the mkt for 2.8M.
Cheap and signed by yours truly with love! smiley smiley smiley

Leave it if interested then pm me.

I gotten all the cards that I need here. Thanks to 2 good Samaritan, heads up to both, mischievous and puma. This thread is close. smiley

My Guru Cr 0xp


Lyse Teria Cr 0xp

Hello all,

I have for auction :-

100 x Doug Snop full xp

- End time :- 60 min 59 sec from the time of post.

- reserve price :- 1.5 m

- you have to be bid more than 5k from previous bid

- I m looking for


Behemoth 0xp (575k/t)
Serafina 0 xp (580k/t)
Pedro 0xp(14k/t)
Kruger 0xp(14k/t)

Thank you.

C0re is gone.

38k/t directly to my ps. ty smiley

1.2 mil for Smokey MT, can add cards of value up to 100k
or 1.1 mil and Edd CR 0 exp

Jethro wins with 65k smiley

Got kougloff 2 quetzal left

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