monday 12/03/2018

1) 1 Shaker 0xp for your 2 Bakko any xp + 1 Chasey any xp
2) 1 Rolph 0xp for your 2 Bakko any xp + 3 Chasey any xp
3) 1 Konrad 0xp for your 2 Bakko any xp + 3 Chasey any xp
4) 1 Jean 0xp for yoour 2 Bakko any xp + 1 Jezebel any xp
Also interested for Zis, Shao Xue, Mojita, El Tortillo, Cosmos, C-Arib, Trash
Pm me for fast responsesmiley

He's selling on the market for 5.3k so good luck


I apologize. I will talk to the mods and get this post put back up correctly.

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Minimum 200 copies lot

sunday 11/03/2018

Kind of funny. That you and Jethro are writing the excat same thing word for word. On top of that. Both you are asking for the excat same card with the same amount of exp and the excat same price. The most fun thing is that their only 5 minutes difference betwen you two thread and the fact that your name is alteregom.

But hey that could just be bad timming and bad luk

Directly in my PS 2k

Stenmark 0xp 1.4k

Directly in my PS.

Looking to buy in either 2.5 mil clintz or trade in cards behemoth x 5 which I value at 550k each thanks


im buying McLayton at 20K/e .
Send directly to PV, i can buy 12 atm but i will further up expand my clintz stock so just keep sending em

I am offering
Beltran Cr full xp+ 2 Spiaghi Cr 0xp for ur Kenny Mt 0xp

2000 Moluskos not 2k clintz

I guess hope for him to go crsmiley

I'm trading Serafina 0xp for
- Behemoth 0xp and 40k
- 2 Beeboy Cr 0xp
- Rage
- Diyo Cr oxp
- Mechakolos Cr 0xp and 100k
- Uchtul Cr 0xp and 200k

If your interested pm. You can also offer me other cards and we can work something out.

Scubb 0xp
Tannen 0xp
Bose 0xp
Mojita 0xp
Chasey 0xp
Scar 0xp
#Muster 0xp
C-Arib 0xp
Natasha 0xp
Kruger 0xp
Mortenzen 0xp
El Tortillo 0xp
Absolem 0xp
Bakko 0xp
Trash 0xp
#Jezbel 0xp
Derby Queen
Sopiket 0xp
Zis 0xp
Dr Norton Cr 0xp
Agnes 0xp
Cosmos 0xp
Timanov 0xp
#C-wing 0xp
Lovhak 0xp
Sunder 0xp
Josh 0xp
Anita 0xp
Maa-IA 0xp
Onik 0xp
Amy 0xp
C0re 0xp

Thanks for your suggestion Killic smiley

Jezebel 3,3 k each ?

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