wednesday 02/05/2012

I'm going to sell my haze full xp for 10550

400 ector 325 ctz each
for caelus 0xp

34 selina 0xp 5.5k each
for Beltran Cr 0xp or other jackie cr 0xp +comp

5 Blaaster 0xp 100k each for
Vickie cr

How much for Yoshida alone?

Good offer uprailz but not suficient!!smileysmiley

tuesday 01/05/2012

I want trade all of my Jungo cards for a full Berzerk set. Hit me up if you are interested. Full sets only please as mine is complete.

Current market price for Jimmy is 3 380 as I write this. I would like to trade 130 Jimmy all 0xp for playable Crs or sell for cash.

Trade 3300 each 429k total value
Cash 3350 each 435.5k total

pm me if interested smiley

Thanks as always mods

Please send me a pm, I will consider every serious offer!!

Thanks moderators can close the topic

Im trading my non-cr fang pi clang for the montanas+ Edd Cr

I need some more cards for cheap to make my collection larger!

so if you are looking to sell message me!

Hello to everybody,i'm looking to trade my sum sam cr full xp vs marlysa cr 0 xp + 1,5M. It has to be at least 500K cash and the rest in cr's or cash too,we can make a me to negociate!smiley i don't hear offers without marlysa cr 0 xpsmiley

Anyone else ? still looking for more cards to trade my kostners for.

I`m not asking for all the cards on my list just as many that equals his worth. He worth 6,000 clintz in market place

PM me or begin secure trade

What the title says, thanks mods!

Alec cr + Jackie cr + Blaaster cr + 9 Jakson + 135K cash for Vickie cr smiley

monday 30/04/2012

Im looking for a splata cr, willing to trade 450k of cards
all montana appart from vickie cr and lyse teri cr
all vortex no X-0DUS
all sakrohm no cr of graks
all jungo no cr

pm me for a faster responce

Trade! smiley

thanks! smiley

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