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monday 16/07/2012

Pm2me i need lamar or vickie + other crs

Hi , today i wanna trade my armanda cr 0 xp.

I value her 2kk , i'm searching for playable crs like tessa cr, vickie cr and kerozinn cr.

Please send me a pm , thank you mod and fo .

I'm sorry, so you're selling your Tanaereva Cr for my Caelus Cr + Tomas + Dwan + 3 Todd 0 xp and 15k clintz? And you want full xp Caelus Cr?

Hi all

I want Marlysa Cr ( i treated it as 240,0000 clintz) and in exchange I can offer the following cards:

1 Rass Cr (0xp 1350000 clintz)
1 Vickie Cr (full xp 850000 clintz)
1 Caelus Cr (full xp 210000 clintz)
and 50000 clintz cash

so that's 2460000 clintz totally which i think is a nice exchange

If you are interested you can contact me privately or respond here on the forum

Thank you to the moderators to pass up my post

Trade agreed. will close this after it completes.

Selling him for 60k
pm me if interested

I got vortex cards what would you want for jackie

PM if you want to make a deal. We can negotiate if necessary.

I remember when Emeth was introduced into Urban Rivals. Ever since then He's been a priority in my dream deck that will be finished with him. Can someone please sell me him for 18,000. It's taken me a month to save up. It would help alot to show a kind heart! Thankyou for reading my thread.smiley

Annuqa and Brampah were traded for Wanda, Mikaal and other Frozn are still available.

Post your offers here or via PM.
I am interested in cash, playable Crs, valuable non-Cr cards (GraksmxxT, Tsubame, Kalindra, Cortez, X-0DUS, ...)
I will consider all reasonable offers above 2.5 M for my Sum Sam Cr full xp

Thank you mod!

sunday 15/07/2012

Costa tipo 300k.

I need lamar cr or vickie cr , tanaereva cr, robb cr ,alec cr , marco cr ,blaaster cr + 100k
it dont must be the same crs , i´ve wrote at the top of my post
pm2me if you´re interested in lao cr !

I will buy him

Just looking for Diana, Lucy, Ditha, Noemi, Wanda, Brittany and Veronica.


Still looking . . . I can buy at least 200 more of them.

Hi all.. i'm looking for cheap charlie with 4stars or less.. price for 50k Clintz..

PM me.. thanks!

I was lucky to get him at 510,000

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