friday 27/04/2012

You already made a similar thread, please use it smiley

Pls close ty


I have Miss Twice Cr + Jackie Cr + Blaaster Cr for Lamar Cr


My offer for your Marlysa Cr:

All Stars:
Marina 17000
Robb Cr 57850

Ongh 38300

Wardom 15300

Edd Cr 30200
Mona 25200
Vickie Cr 507500

Ghumbo 19300
Karrion 16000
Kenny 15000

Bloodh full xp 16500
Bloodh 0 xp 17500
Dalhia full xp 30500
Dalhia 0xp 31500
Hawkins 22500
Smokey Cr 55000

Charlie 40000

Aurora 15200

2 Noodile Cr full xp: 31500

Uranus 19000
GraksmxxT 52000

Coby 19000

Ulu Watu:
Numar 52500

Jackie Cr 164000
Zatman 22700

Dagg 26000
Dregn 49000
X-0dus 37000

+205 000 clintz

I will pay 338 Marty 0exp per caelus cr 0exp

thursday 26/04/2012

I will also sell them for clintz or bulks of Vickie Cr smiley

Ya he did, he picked 5-6 people from the celebration thread (me included) he gave me a oshitsune, mighty kind of him


I want trade my 10 Selina vs 1 Graks

thx Mod !

Just as the title says! better hurry before its gone! Faster responses from pms.

Selling or trading for about 2.5-2.8 million, if interested pm me

50 oraya 0xp + 20k for vickie cr

i trade 2 lots of 0xp cards :
Some berzerk
101 Miho (700/e)
71 Jeffrey (300/e)
47 Kostner (800/e)
29 Revok (1250/e)
28 Melinda (890/e)
23 Drummond (220/e)
17 Darril (170/e)
17 Rudy (320/e)
17 Vivian (230/e)
15 Boyle (2200/e)
14 Gus (1050/e)
5 Lola Noel (200/e)
5 Melanie (1600/e)
5 Norman (1200/e)
5 Beef (4000/e)
5 Lola (8250/e)
2 Elvis (9000/e)
3 Taylor (9900/e)
--> 379720 clintz rounded to 370k

Some others
26 Jayzel (450/e)
32 Muze (2400/e)
10 Robin (200/e)
10 Janice (600/e)
6 Victoria (230/e)
4 Laura (1500/e)
--> 103880 clintz rounded to 100 k

All for 470k.

I accept only cash or CR full or 0xp > 50k on market (ask if you want my estimate).
if you offer Elya CR you get all.
if you offer Lamar Cr or Vickie Cr you get all + Jane Ramba Cr 0xp.
Thanks for the valdation and your offers.

I want lehene which is 4300 clints i will give you 24 puffs which makes 4500clints smiley thanks mods smiley

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Okay send me ur 5 kinjo i will send my puffs

No wonder there havent been any takers, there's a typo its not 20k its 30k, but if you need negotiate with me for 20Ksmiley

Got tsubame already

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