wednesday 15/02/2012

That was fast, done. Close pleasesmiley

Looking for:
Candy Jack

Selling lots of Kostner.

I have 900 in total ( about half 0xp )

I will split the lots up depending on the offer.

I am mainly looking for clintz or medium sized cr's like :-

Vickie Cr
Lamar Cr
Splata Cr


PM me for a quick response, and to negotiate price per card.

Heitachi is gone.

Mods please close. Thanks. smiley

Draheera Ghumbo and C wing for X-0DUS

Trade complete

Mods can close - Thank you

Norman lot is gone, Now trading Melanie lot for Oraya and Hefty lots smiley

Ill take carter for 1600 clintz

Thanks Mod It's Done! smiley

Looking to either sell my Splata Cr (430k) or trade him for for a combination of at least 2 different crs of the following:

Robb Cr (60k)
Blaaster Cr (82k)
Marco Cr (48k)

Message me offers prices are flexible as prices change with the market. Thanks mods.

My x-odus and ghumbo for your kolos

tuesday 14/02/2012

Hi guys, wanting to trade my tanaereva cr + other cards (many ulu watu's) if you wish. Not looking for anything in particular,, just some good profitable offers.

PM me.. smiley

thanks mods.

Hi i have 20 Vermyn N 0XP which i am looking to trade for a Tanaereva Cr and a Caelus Cr any level. PM me if interested. Other offers considered.

Thanks mods

Hi, I have 50 0XP copies of Willy i want to exchange into CR's.

I can offer:
10 Willy's for a Blaaster Cr 0XP
14 Willy's for a Caelus Cr or Alexc Cr (any level)
17 Willy's for a Jackie Cr (any level)
27 Willy's for a Tanaereva Cr (any level)
50 Willy's Plus 25K Clintz for a Vickie Cr (any level)

Any other good offers considered. Thanks to mods / & PM easiest.

Zhur16, please stop making new threads every few hours trading or selling the same cards... and it is BLOODH not broodh smiley

Graksmxxt is 0Xp, which means it's actually going for about 51K

Buying all candy jack 0xp for 250 each

I have 3 karrion + 1.5k that i would like to trade for your marco cr

How cheap

Good Luck smiley

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