monday 23/04/2012

I'm interested in a skeelz full clan, a berzerk full clan and the rest in cash or negaciable cards, if you have those, and you want a vickie cr please mp.

I offer Robb cr
More 2000 clintz smiley

I wish someone takes it smiley

Umm ok, i only got 17k, but ill save up so u guys can lay off for a while until i come up with some good cash

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Up up

Skiner have been sold out

Only Bogdan and Hula left

Hey guys, I realized Miss Twice's price just went sky high, and sorta thought that was ridiculous.. smiley
Anyway, I've got 145,000 clintz, and I'd want to add a Blaaster Cr along with Hawk & Shogunn.
If interested, please PM me, and we could figure out a better deal. Thanks smiley

sunday 22/04/2012

I sell 28 Stella 0xP Now smiley
I search Robb Cr smiley

So this is a bit unorthodox, but I don't want a full tessa cr gathering dust in my collection so whoever asks for the smallest compliment I will exchange my full for (plus my compliment).
I will close this next Sunday (or if the offers stop coming)
I dont intend to haggle over the compliment, whatever you state you want as a compliment you will receive unless someone offers a lower one.
Currently the market has Tessa Cr valued at 660.000 and a 0xp Tessa Cr at 675k so to start my max compliment is 20.000 in cards or clintz.
Thank you mods and anyone interested in trading smiley

I am selling 2x Michael for 78000 each, or 152000 the two of them

WTT Elvis Lola Melanie and Spyke +13k Clintz = in total ca. 50k clintz for Dregn

9.400.000 clints and not guru cr clints sorry smiley

My avatar was good. Funky and humoristic as well, but you need some kind of humor to enjoy it. Trade is closed, i've got DJ Korr cr. Thanks mods.

Marlysa Cr = 1 400 000 in the current market
your charging 800 000 extra lol are you going to make that difference up?

that the price I put this echad, all right, but
1.400 000 is also wrong!smiley

Hello everyone,

I'm trading my Marlysa Cr full xp for 29 Graksmxxt 0xp.
It's negotiable, send me pm for faster response smiley

I am looking to trade for Elya Cr, heres what I have to offer:

190,000 clintz
34x Troompah - 5,750 each (17 0 exp/17 full) = 5,750 x 34 = 195,500
4x Yoshida - 9,000 each (all 0 exp) = 9,000 x 4 = 36,000
4x Arnie - 3,500 each (all full) = 3,500 x 4 = 14,000
10x Pyro - 1,500 each (all 0 exp) = 1,500 x 10 = 15,000
1x Diana (full) = 8,500

= 459,000

I think this is a fair deal, but as always we can negotiate. I have some other lots I might be willing to trade. Pm for faster response. Thx mods.

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