monday 13/02/2012

It doesnt matter what exp smokey cr is

@ 0 Dragonette : Thx my friend smiley

Also buying mass Baby Q 0 exp for 2k each. Send them in my priv sales if interested smiley

My A Award Cr - your 155.000 Clintz or Robb Cr+100.000 Clintz.

Great offer Edd Cr = 29k

Karrion 15-16k

10 Karrions left

I don't have the crazy crazy amount that he's going for and I'm not begging but when the price on him drops to 15k drop me a line and send me a private sale and I'll buy him. Or if you have a double and arn't feeling greedy.

I trade my Vholt for Kazayan

Thanks mod.

If your cards are already up for auction, you dont need this thread smiley

Good Luck friend smiley


we all are, I can assure you that

Sekutor is gone and no longer need kalder

I also offer:

Wendel (x2)
Dacote (x2)
Wardog (x2)
Damian (x2)

589k ...

good luck with that

Bad deal no way man no way.

Vickie Cr 0xp
Dagg 0xp
Edd Cr 0xp
Noodile Cr 0xp
C Wing Full
Hikiyousan Full
Ahkab Full
Melvin Full
Elvis Full

sunday 12/02/2012

For around 1 million clintz. Pm me if you wanna sell one in that ballpark.

Selling / Trading my Guru CR

I'd like around 10.5 million in clintz / playable CR negotiable

Pm me for faster reply

I am selling Blaaster Cr, Copper, Dahlia, Edd Cr, Jay, Kolos, Marco Cr, Praxie, Robb Cr, Rowdy, Smokey Cr, Striker and Uranus for about 460k....clintz only..unless you offer some interesting Cards....PM me for quicker response...thanks mods..smiley

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