sunday 09/10/2011

friday 07/10/2011

Yo I'm Logan and I'm looking for some good players out there with swag. We are a new guild looking to expand and we strive to be the best. All you need to do is:
-Be 20+
-Speak English
-And that SWAGGGG.
We would love to have anyone out there so join guild:1483380!
(P.S We got that cheesecake)

Hi i am a very active player ( at least 5 hours a day of gameplay ) and i would like to be part of a big, prestigious guild. please if you could pick me i would be happy smiley thank you smiley

thursday 06/10/2011

Thats a rad name for a guild, core... it just rolls off the tongue. join up, ull be glad u did

wednesday 05/10/2011

I would like to invite you to my new guild - guild:1484955

I would like to invite you to my new guild - guild:1484955

I already applied in the guild hmmmm

tuesday 04/10/2011

Dear Mods and Staff and my dear players,
Let me first of all thank ArtemisBZ and Euzebe for helping us as guardian angels of this thread, keeping it safe from loling, trolling, etc smiley
I sincerely thank you both. Excalibur owes much to you two. smiley
We have reached a stage where our name is known far and wide. Various mods have visited us through the years and found us totally unbearable and well, loudmouthed smiley.
Guilty as charged. smiley
But the real people behind the Excalibur that you see now are the common members of our team who work behind the scenes round the clock, from various continents of the globe, united in brotherhood, to keep our banner flying high, whether it be in ELO, DTs, Events: You name the scam, we are in it smiley
We don't need a Recruitment Thread now, because the very name E X C A L I B U R is synonymous with everything best in this game, and we will stand true to it as long as we exist. smiley
DTs won: God only knows how many! Survivor:42, ELO:1596, Major EventsX2 in the last year with a Kiki Cr and Guru Cr
We will always strive to excel.smiley
And finally, if we have tread on any toes, that was not intentional, but happenstance; I ask your forgiveness for that.
And with these words, I am declaring our Recruitment Thread as closed.
Thank you, every single one of you UR players, for your kind patronage and support.
May God bless you all!

I'm to urban rivals..
currenly at level 9 so i'm looking for a new guild that need member.. anyone?

monday 03/10/2011

Ever returned from pub with a lake of beer in your stomach and went to UR instead of bed? Then we want you. Ever upset your RPG group Gamemaster by constantly chatting about UR instead of focusing on game? Then you belong to our guild. Ever deckbacked your CCG deck by UR character picture printed out? Then you are already one of us. Acknowledg it, join the Outpost crew.

We have L5R fans. We have got Star Wars fans. We have Star Trek fans. We have MtG fans. We have WoW fans. We have base of operations. We have good gamers. We have badass gamers. I mean...we have everything we need. You can have it all too. Take it or leave it.

Outpost . We offer advice, ELO motivation prizes and friendly atmosphere.
We ask for active ingame and (eventually) out of game participation and good understanding of Czech language.

Sejdeme se v Outpostu!

sunday 02/10/2011

We are a great bunch who are active and really friendly. If you don't choose us then good luck on whatever guild you choose.

Why not join the Aussie Brotherhood?

friday 30/09/2011

Ill join ill send my request soon

thursday 29/09/2011

Close please smiley Thank you very much!

wednesday 28/09/2011

Looking for any high players and active guild the ones like 35+ smiley cause i really need a guild fast! oh and a lot of players there

tuesday 27/09/2011

I am Level 25
I want the guild to have good Admin Staff
Have a good number of Members
Events alot
Active and Active Merssage Boards

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