tuesday 27/03/2012

Qubik and Maazk for your Diana

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject

For 125 gertjans

Come on baby, show some Splata!

I am only doing each of the following rades ONCE so first come first serve
1) 0 exp caelus for 6 0 exp spyke
2) 72 beef 0 exp for 2 caelus 0 exp
3)18 0 exp elvis for my 1 0 exp caelus cr
4) 12 0 exp taylor for 1 0 exp caelus cr

also i have piranas i am willing to trade all are full

monday 26/03/2012

Want to sell Smoky Cr, got him recently from a trade and want to sell him so I can start buying other cards. Thanks for reading smiley

Message me with offers or send me a secure trade. if you are looking for any more information, leave a messsage on this thread smiley

Message me what deal pm for faster responce

I want to sell/trade my collection of junkz cards. I have every card except for the collectors and the following : Peeler, Rowdy, Haze, Gil. my collection includes some great cards such as : Taham, Stiko, Dash, Fuzz, Qubik, Jiro and many more ! I will sell the cards individually for the recommended market price, or a fair trade of similar value that I am interested in. If you buy the whole collection (worth 50,835 clintz) I will sell for 50,000. That's right, even if you don't want the cards you can make a small profit. If you are interested, message me or send me a secure trade. If you want to know any more information then you can leave a reply on this thread. Thank you for reading smiley

I would like to add that there is no point mailing me if you are some scammer, or somone trying to lowball. I am willing to negotiate, but I am only accepting fair offers. Thanks again for your time smiley

My 150 esthers for your edd cr

Anyone, fast response, will throw in 15k

Hi back i wasn't on UR for theses days, i close the topic i will make a new one because mu price is too heavy i offer too much to heegrn !

I still looking for many Heegrn Cr 0 xp but have to make new offre !

Lyse teria cr and 500k in card cr

mp smiley

Selling 100 Sigurd 0xp valuing each @ 1300 (i.e. 130k)

Looking for playable staples like Dagg, Dregn etc. at market price

Please pm to discuss smiley

Trading one of each fang pi clang all 0xp for either : ( - CR's kuie and ryuichi) 33/40 total

Tan man cr

Jackie cr

A Award Cr 0xp

sunday 25/03/2012

Current List:
1 Kreen Cr
1 Robb Cr
11 full Shakra
1 Wee Lee
1 Shaakarti
1 Olga
1 Lin Xia
1 Ghumbo
1 0xp Toro
1 0xp Striker
1 0xp Ratanah
1 0xp Marina

My 4 spiaghi for your bloodh

pm me if interested

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