monday 16/01/2012

I sell my Vickie Cr full xp for 420k! all offers in PM please.

Like the title says I am looking to trade for Troompahs. I have 6 Rays that I value for 10,000 clintz each and I am looking to trade 1 Ray for 3 Troompahs and 1,000 clintz, 2 Rays for 6 Troompahs and 2,000 clintz, or 3 Rays for 10 Troompahs. If you like the trade just send me a secure trade request and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks Mods

Update: Beetenka, Herman, Glenn, Tyler are gone.

Hi all,
i offer for lyse:
> Blaaster Cr x1
> Caelus Cr x9
> Jackie Cr x4
> Kerozinn Cr x2
> Lamar Cr x1
> Marco Cr x2
> Noodile Cr x6
> Robb Cr x2
> Smokey Cr x1
> Splata Cr x1
> Swidz Cr x1
> Tanaereva Cr x2
> Tessa Cr x2
> Vickie Cr x1
> Marlysa Cr x1

contact me on pm if u are interested...the offer is negotiable smiley
Thnks mods

This are the cards i am looking for :

What i can offer :
Lost Hog

Please Trade Them only according to their market prices only.Contact me by either Whispering Me or leave a message in the subject

2 miss twice cr for vickie cr?

I value it about 770k,it is a 0xp one.
I acept some Crs or cash, also accept several normal cards.

I want to trade 2(one full level & one 3 level 0exp) or 3 Miss Twice Cr for equivalent
such as Vikie Cr
accept cards+ clintz
if your cards‘ value is over my cards, plz write the amount of additinal clintz or card you want me to offer

Please close. i changed my title.

I really want a blaaster or caelus. I'm offering a noodile cr and a page cr for either one of them. PM me if you are interested

Marco cr just to be easier to get to his page smiley

Anyone interested?

Hi! I want these Freaks:

Oren, Olga Noel, Crassus,Ironfeld, Graziella, Zoltan, Soushee

I´ll trade in:
Loretta, Beef, Drummond, Darril, Esther, Jeffrey, Lola Noel, Melanie, Melinda,Rudy, Vivian, Mini Mosu, Candice, Milton, Beetenka,Kronnen, Lovhak, Deea, Baba, Esmeralda, Flanagan, Harleen, Katrina, Meyen, Mini Mosu, Mantiz, Miss Stella, Pan, Piotr, Wanda

PM me for a faster response.

sunday 15/01/2012

Yes yyybbb that is correct

Trade completed. Thanks mods.

I exchange 110 Revok estimated 130K proposal made
ps : i like cr and taylor,cortez ....

thank you modo smiley

All 1000xp +
600 clintz per card

I'm really not that picky. Any card-based offer will be considered.

If you want to make me happy, the lot will include a C Wing though smiley

Kolos for edd cr
kolos for veenyle cr

My goal in this game for 3 years has been to obtain Lyse Teria Cr. Will you help me?

6 Geuner Cr (Full) = 400k
12 Jackie Cr (6 Full, 6 0exp) = 1650k
1 Lao Cr (0exp) = 1200k
5 Tanaereva Cr (3 Full, 2 0exp) = 1025k
1 Splata Cr = 450k
1 Vickie Cr (0exp) = 450k
51 Graksmxxt (22 Full, 29 0exp) = 2550k

Total: 7725k

Thanks mods.

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