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thursday 31/05/2012

Found Cortez. close. ty mods

Also looking for Elya Cr and Ambrose Cr.

If anyone is interested- let me know.

It's terry lol

My Edd cr for C beast C wing C blade Deea and Oflgn

Sorry, I wasn't on since last night and I sold them all list night smiley

Looking for 680k
pm me to negotiate
thanks mods

wednesday 30/05/2012

I'm looking for Guru Cr and a complement about 1.6-1.8M in Cr.

PM if you are interested!

Thanks mods!!smiley

I offer guru cr, 20 0xp caelus cr , 4 tanaereva cr 0xp
Send me a pm!

Thx mods

Looking to buy 1 Dalhia for 30k. smiley

Trade complete. close please

I Trade for tanaereva cr jackie cr grak + 500k in cash or cards... thanx mod

I wanna trade my Cassio cr 0 xp (110k) and full xp (100k) , 2 Marco cr full (90k) , seldnor cr (100k) , Swidz Cr (122k) , edd Cr 0 xp (30k) , a bulk of 15 yoshida (6300k x 15 = 94500).

I Search Cash , Tanaevra Cr , Vickie Cr , Jackie Cr , Blaster Cr , Alec Cr and bulk of heitachi

Send me offer for mp

Thank you mod smiley

My tessa cr 0exp for tessa cr full+50k

contact me

Hi allsmiley
I want trade my Rass CR 0xp (1.3M) for your:
- Cash (300k or more)
- Cr (all kind)

NO LOTS OF CARDS! (if they aren't Crs)
Offert here or (as I prefere) by PMsmiley

Thx Modsmiley

Omg...now i see that i write 37k.....sorry....

My offert is 48.000 clints , for eatch Charlie at 0XP !!!

I am looking for Vickie Cr

I am willing to trade 4 Caelus Cr - full For a vickie Cr

Please PM me for negotiations.



Put on the list 6 katan and 4 greem im looking to trade for ther 0exp version

pm me

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