tuesday 17/01/2012


I have both of them now.
Please close and thank you.smiley

Also looking for heegrn ...ill trade my lorna 0xp as well smiley)


I am looking for Lamar Cr full, i offer sigmund cr full
for a lamar 0 xp i offer sigmund Cr full + 20 000 clintz

thx mod!

Im looking for another Tanaereva Cr smiley

i offer:

Dregn (77k)
Shaakarti 0exp (37k)
Dagg (40k)
Numar (49k)
Kenny (15k)
Total: 217k for Tanaereva Cr 0exp

PM for a faster response smiley

Thanks Mods for posting smiley

monday 16/01/2012

I am willing to trade the below cards for your Elya Cr:

Blaaster Cr (83000)
28 copies of Qubik (4800 per card, 134400 total)
Ghumbo (18000)
Naginata (8500)
207000 Clintz

Total: 450900

Please PM if you have an offer and I may be able to add to that list but not much if you show interest in trading.

Thanks Mods

Buying Spyke for 13k. PM me.

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It's a good trade, but i'm not into it. I would sell every single admiral and end up losing cash. sry, no dice

I suggest that you offer around 40k, cards or cash. Pm me or offer here smiley

I have:
20 Noodile Cr (Lv1 0xp @20000clintz each)
9 Elvira

I'm interested in:
Tanaereva Cr
Smoky Cr
Blaaster Cr
Jackie Cr
Wee Lee

I'd like to sell 61 Danae (60 are 0exp)

40k for all. or trade for some card.
I've not played in a long time , So I'd prefer cash then cards.
PM me or post here.

Have another klawz 0xp up for offer

Bodenpower for Baldovino / Cyb Lhia / Trish 1:1
Jeffrey for Magda / Wonald 1:1, Redra 8:3
Miss Stella for Deea 1:1

Buying any Sasha for 1800, Caelus CR for 95000, for the 2 cards please directly private sales me and pm. Will respond ASAP!

Good luke my friend!

I sell my Vickie Cr full xp for 420k! all offers in PM please.

Like the title says I am looking to trade for Troompahs. I have 6 Rays that I value for 10,000 clintz each and I am looking to trade 1 Ray for 3 Troompahs and 1,000 clintz, 2 Rays for 6 Troompahs and 2,000 clintz, or 3 Rays for 10 Troompahs. If you like the trade just send me a secure trade request and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks Mods

Update: Beetenka, Herman, Glenn, Tyler are gone.

Hi all,
i offer for lyse:
> Blaaster Cr x1
> Caelus Cr x9
> Jackie Cr x4
> Kerozinn Cr x2
> Lamar Cr x1
> Marco Cr x2
> Noodile Cr x6
> Robb Cr x2
> Smokey Cr x1
> Splata Cr x1
> Swidz Cr x1
> Tanaereva Cr x2
> Tessa Cr x2
> Vickie Cr x1
> Marlysa Cr x1

contact me on pm if u are interested...the offer is negotiable smiley
Thnks mods

This are the cards i am looking for :

What i can offer :
Lost Hog

Please Trade Them only according to their market prices only.Contact me by either Whispering Me or leave a message in the subject

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