thursday 15/03/2012

Not intrested in cortez or toro, tnx for the offer though...

I see I didn't mention this in the original post, I am also intrested in chiara lots

Sell/trade them for 210.000!

Trade my 30 x Oflgn (6 full, 1 lvl 3, the rest 0 exp) for 8k/card. I'm looking preferrably for nahicr + swidz cr (don't care about exp), but others cr can be accepted too.
Thx modssmiley

MC-fana 1750k smiley

Miss Stella

Buying them below market price smiley
bulk trade would be better and if possible trade for a CR that you need would make the trade easier post or pm me for trades and sales smiley

I'm looking to purchase a Dagg a little below market value pm for price thanks smiley

Please write what your consider as 'playable' collectors or what you would accept as a trade smiley

Please refer to for a full list of tradable cards

I value full XP at 21k and 0XP at 25k

I have:
17 Full XP
2 Lvl 3
1 Lvl 2
30 0XP

That's valued at 1.17 Million clints.

I Trade 5 0xp heegrn for 2 dregn

Mp if interested smiley

Thank you mod smiley

wednesday 14/03/2012

Thanks mods, you can close this nowsmiley

For Vickie Cr I'm offering the following:

3 Dregn 0XP
1 X-0DUS 0XP
4 GraksmxxT 0XP

PM Me for quick response as always!

I want to trade 2 copies of Heegrn 0 xp for 10 copies of Beef (it goes without saying that I can trade one Heegrn 0 xp for 5 copies of Beef). I do not care about Beef's xp.

I'm still searching, i can give 5 heegrn 0xp too smiley

Reine Cr
Jim Cr
Ombre Cr
Thaumaturge Cr

Looking for Caelus Cr, clintz, and any high-priced cards (such as Tsubame, Kolos, Dregn, Cortez, etc.)

Trading 180 sunder for fang pi clang junks and beserk
pm me with offers for faster response


I am interested in 0xp eloxia
I need around 100, if you have any please pm me
and we can negotiate

I see eloxia 0xp at around 4700 per head

thanks mods

Looking for a Vickie Cr for 395,000 any level...

pm me if interested


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