thursday 08/03/2018

Okay lets remove fairbanks(200k) smiley

Pm me im more active on this game

Total: 1580000

For your 0xp Behemoth.

1 for 1, first come first serve smiley

Looking for Elya Cr, Kerozinn Cr, and Splata Cr. Also looking for a few smaller Crs to finish my collections.

wednesday 07/03/2018

Offering 1 NDololo CR and 1 BerserkGirl CR, both 0xp.
Looking to exchange for other similarly priced collectors, ideally both at once as part of a combined deal.

Primary Wishlist:
-Vickie, Tessa, Lamar, Nahi, Ymirah
-can offer cash/card compliment up to 2M
-open to negotiation, if you want these rare cards send me a PM with your offer smiley

Sent. And i close the subject. smiley Thanks you all.

Hello! I am looking to buy 1 Dakota any xp. I am willing to trade some cards, but only little cash which I can add (approx. 40k). Thanks smiley

Well played guys!!
LOT1: fresh-aladin with Beltran+662k
LOT2: reserved price.
LOT3: 0 KILLIC with 2 geuner+5 diego+5 dr norton ( 2M295k)
LOT4: reserved price.
LOT5: Fresh-aladin with 1 Diego+1 Flo (145k)

Would like to trade my Smokey Mt full xp +100K for 7 #graksmxxt cr

I have put 48 on the market for you

Hello smiley

I change my Lyse-Teria Cr full for your Kiki Cr smiley

Thanks smiley

Hi I am highly interested in the other beserkgril cr , sending you an Pm

tuesday 06/03/2018

What do you value Tanman at? 0xp

For any collectors out there who don't have berserkgirl Cr already in their collection, I have 2 currently available that i'd like to unload. So I'm willing to set up trades or negotiate prices. currently I value them at 3mil a piece.

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