sunday 13/05/2018

I can do the Dr Copernica for Zatman Cr

I have traded Miss Twice cr, so I am now searching for Sigmund cr only
One of the Dr Norton cr, and Slyde cr, Beltran cr and Noodile cr are not available anymore

I can accept Lyse Teria Cr any xp

Trading 6x Spyke Mt 0xp (530k) vs Miss Twice Cr 3.1m

You are interested? smiley
Shaakarti Cr 270k
Striker Cr 201k
Regina 69k
Ramath 94k
Noctezumama 60k
Miss Stella 19K
Rockwall 35k
Reeve 22k
Perle full 20k
Pandagran 10k
Baby Q 12k
Cyb Yose 10k
# Donald 40k
Erika 10k
Gonzo 69k
Iris Morana 45
Mortenzen 15k
=100100 clintz

saturday 12/05/2018

I have various cards, looking for a price of 1 mil and 50 k i buy just 1 any xp

Those cards are gone Big, I am sorry smiley

friday 11/05/2018

I give Kalindra Cr 0 Xp + 2,2M clintz + Marshall 0 Xp for Sigmund Cr 0 Xp. PM.

Beltran Cr (0xp) = 935k
Kreen Cr (0xp) = 670k
Butcher Braxton(any xp) = 300k
Maximus(any xp) = 310k
Comanche(any xp) = 1.21m

Brfore every card name just add #

I am interested in your Aldebaran Cr, I have some other Crs that you did not list, as well as some valuable normal cards. PM me and we can negotiate.

I have Xantiax Rob Cr, and would love to have Dragan Cr. Are there other cards you are looking for?

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