friday 16/03/2012

As title says, I'm buying Tanaereva cr and I'm willing to spare as much as 180k + some cards to make up to value. I value Tan Man at his market price at that time. Got most of good rares to trade. PM me.

Thanks Mods!

I'll Add 1 Heegrn Cr to the mix pm me for negotiation
Reine is obviously part of a market manip scheme only being worth about 160k at most due to her age smiley

I will trade my oflgn, 2 c wings, hawk, kolos for caelus cr PLZZZZZZ smileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmileysmiley

I know have available (all 0xp):

2 C Beast
2 C Wing
2 Cyb Lhia
6 Deea
3 Heegrn
4 Kobalth
4 Kronnen
2 Krung
4 Lovhak
1 Oflgn
1 Shaakarti
70 Sunder

I still need:
Berzerk - Spyke and Cortez.
Nightmare - Karrion
Pussycats - Yayoi
Piranas - Ahkab
Skeelz - Chiara, Corvus, Jay, Praxie and Tomas

Not sure if your wanting to trade at all for lots or big singles but here is some examples of vortex cards at the lowered prices

Oflgn (7.3k 0xp)
Sekutor x23 (1.8k p/h 41.4k total 0xp)
Lovhak x30 (850 p/h 25.5k in total 0xp)
Neloe x40 (300 p/h 12k in total 0xp)
Kronnen x38 650 p/h 24.7k in total 0xp)
Dregn (60k 0xp)
Dagg (31.5k 0xp)
Shaakarti (26.5k 0xp)
Kobalth x20 (625 p/h 12.5k in total 0xp)

also these are a few of the small lots i have to trade

Quinn x43 (3k p/h 129k in total 0xp)
Rhyno x25 (2.6k p/h 65k in total)
Kusuri x38 (3.1k p/h 117k in total)
Nerfeniti x28 (675 p/h 18.9k in total)
Gordon x100 (850 p/h 85k in total)
Dreen x150 (350 p/h 52.5k in total) (Negotiable upon amount
Edwin x200 (1k p/h 200k in total) (Negotiable upon amount)
Nellie x5 (3.4k p/h 17k in total)
Felicia x95 (550 p/h 52.2k in total)
Slopsh x10 (1.5k p/h 15k in total)
total: 738.1k
also just added just for u i have now 500 copies of loretta

i also have copies of cards such as kolos kenny and graksmxxt

for a full list check out my thread in the sales, trades message board heres a link for ya ----->

Please Pm me and let me know if you are interested at all.

The last day and nothing New on this offer smiley

Well their 0 xp

I have:

C wing
Oflgn x2

0 miho now
thanks all=]


I got some good cards Of ''Rescue ''' clan Without aurora , And cr's and some freaks smiley

I need Some ( Few )good Bangers With Chikko Cr and no freaks

Detail card names in PM ...

Thanks Mod

58 copies of sigurd for 116k or the equivelant in loretta/flanagan

Trading my heegrn for:


Trading my Berserkgirl Cr...

Looking for Lamar Cr, Dragan Cr, Tessa Cr, Kerozinn Cr, Vickie Cr, Splata Cr, Tanaereva Cr, Jackie Cr, Kolos, Dregn. Willing to look at all offers.

Come on Guys! Let those Heegrn go!!!


Simple, Clear, Negociable :

Sigmund Cr Full Xp VS 25 Heegrn 0 xp
2 Tanaereva Cr full xp VS 25 Heegrn 0 xp

THX MOD smiley

thursday 15/03/2012

I'll go down as low as 23k each, for a total of 1,840,000.
Only looking for trades for the whole lot.

Done please close

Deal done please close

If you're not interested in Marco, I have other Crs to offer, as well as any non-Cr cards.

I'll trade the following cards of your choice:
Pick couple of these cards until it equals 20k. smileysmiley
Thanks mods

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