sunday 29/01/2012

15 Kolos (14 0xp)

thanks mods smiley

Elya Cr gotten. Thread closed.

Also need Kane lamar cr Liu Quinn marina Robb cr Stacey and terry sorry for incompletion of the post it's hard on my iPhone :/

Hi! I want your Bogdan 0xp and I´ll give you my Buckler, Dugan, Wyre & Bubbles 0xp!!!

saturday 28/01/2012

She's really overpriced. 3400 is so much for her. just pm me. smiley

Just as the title say pm me me to set up a trade.

40 Taylor 0xp


I trade 18 Maco Cr Full and 17 Edd Cr.
I am searching Chars like:

Tanaereva Cr
Jackie Cr

If you should be interessed in, just call me per pm.

Coco smiley

Thnks Mods smiley

I'll add 50 more 0xp eloxia for 2 tanaereva cr any xp

Good luck but that prolly wont happen

I would love to get my hands on that Lao I have splata cr Vickie cr alec cr caelus cr kerrozin cr
smokey cr and many others message me and let's talk trades

I offer my dagg full, C wing 0xp, and 3k. Pm me for the fastest response.

Flanagans 650 a head

I am interested in Jackie CR, Tanaereva CR, and Other Bulk Cards.

Still searching!

ombre cr + compliment for tanaereva cr !

Yeah tobbie, 2 tobbies, i love him. just give 500 clintz if you don't want to buy him. smiley

Good luck smiley

12,500,000 Clintz
Contact me by private message

I have Amanie maxxed lvl and lvl 1. I'm looking for Nyema of the Jungo clan any lvl. I also have a maxxed lvl Ice Jim hoping to get a Jungo card of any kind for it.

Current minumum offer to sell in market is @ 2200...

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