monday 09/01/2012


I have the following cards for trade:
Tsubame X 2
Fei X 3
Taylor X 4
Geuner Cr (0 Exp) 58k
Marco Cr (0 Exp) 52k
Kreen Cr (0 Exp) 48k
All Montana cards (except Lyse Teria Cr and Vickie Cr)

I'm willing to take in cards from the six clans(High Priority):
La Junta
Fang Pi Clang
Ulu Watu
(Except Cr and Cortez)
Im open to other suggestions so you can let me know what cards are up for trade for further discussion.

Thanks Mod!

I want to trade my Edd Cr with your Shaakarti..

Just PM me.. smileysmiley

I'd like to buy bulk of 0xp Sekutors.

I value 0xp Sekutor as 1900 clintz a piece.

I'm open to negotiate prices.

Feel free to offer on her. looking for 30k though, or characters of equal value.(:

I'm looking to trade or sell a small lot of 25 0xp Artus.
I value Artus at 1800 each which is 45k in clint's or cards.

Please send offers by pm
Thanks mods smiley

I would like to trade my 0exp Kolos for a 0exp Geuner Cr. PM me if you have Geuner Cr.

What is here is here, it is a fair trade.

Thanks Mods smiley

sunday 08/01/2012

Its suppose to be Marina sorry

The prices that I have put up were current prices. And your prices are still way off. Also are you saying that you would sell your Ambre for 0k?? If so, count me in... I'll buy all that you have. I think that the snide comment at the end was unacceptable. I believe that I know what I am doing. Frankly, I am rather disappointed at not getting a deal, but then again, I thought that it might happen.

55k? need to buy a few lol. Pm to offer.

I exchange
Aldebaran Cr
Armanda Cr
Dragan Cr
Flavio Cr
Lao Cr
Manon Cr
NDololo Cr
Rass Cr
Scarlett Cr
Shawoman Cr
Sigmund Cr
Sum Sam Cr
Tessa Cr

for my Kiki Cr full.

Will happily do 46,000 in clintz. I will do higher if I can trade to you in cards.

He's posting 4 years in the future, where Jackie Cr is that price.

Either that, or he meant to title it [Sell] Vickie Cr

Up, I have grak and uranus full


I am selling or trading 100 0xp eloxia
Eloxia is around 4699 clintz 0xp on market at the moment, however the market fluctuates and so make a reasonable offer around that price and I will consider

Pm me for faster response

thanks mods

You can close the post smiley

Thanks smiley

Looking for
0xp Bogdan 13k
0xp Graksmxxt 47k

= 60k


0xp Yayoi 23k
0xp Charlie 35k
0xp Noemi 2k
0xp Muze 2k


I'll add clintz if you have a 0xp Olga too.

i think its a good deal... so lemme know yea. or i'll sell em and get it. offer lasts for 24hours.


Keri, you my hero smiley

"You value ndolo 4mil? ok i value tessa 1 mil, so we can trade?" smiley

Come on guys, I know people have it. Someone please make me a decent offer.

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