saturday 28/01/2012

Yeah tobbie, 2 tobbies, i love him. just give 500 clintz if you don't want to buy him. smiley

Good luck smiley

12,500,000 Clintz
Contact me by private message

I have Amanie maxxed lvl and lvl 1. I'm looking for Nyema of the Jungo clan any lvl. I also have a maxxed lvl Ice Jim hoping to get a Jungo card of any kind for it.

Current minumum offer to sell in market is @ 2200...

friday 27/01/2012

Tessa`s price is back at 650k

Dang, nobody gonna take me up on this chance for a super investment? Oh, well...
Guess I'll work on selling/trading the smaller cards and come back with a deal that only has big cards and clintz.
Homies be missing out on these Jackies while they're cheap! lolsmileysmiley

Still looking

All graks kolos and dagg are gone still looking smiley i will give you more in trade for these smaller cards left pm to negotiate.

Buy now msg me first

Ok, so i can trade for 30 Edd Cr. ( 20 Edd Cr fullxp + 10 Edd Cr 0xp) That's my purchase. smiley

Buying buckler 0xp for 6k each

I meant 14 000 clintz!, for 14 000 clintz each i will buy all your spyke 0xp

No longer need Ghumbo

Zatman and 1 x Arnie gone

Thnx everybody

He wants multiple Kennys worth the ammount of the cards he is selling. Not one of those cards for one Kenny

It amazes me that you couldn't figure that out but what is more amazing is that you thought he was trading those cards for 1 Kenny each so why not go for Caelus Cr? smiley People are funny these days.

Thanks! Let me know if you are interested!

thursday 26/01/2012

8 Robb Cr 0xp for your Lamar Cr 0xp

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