sunday 02/10/2011

We are a great bunch who are active and really friendly. If you don't choose us then good luck on whatever guild you choose.

Why not join the Aussie Brotherhood?

friday 30/09/2011

Ill join ill send my request soon

thursday 29/09/2011

Close please smiley Thank you very much!

wednesday 28/09/2011

Looking for any high players and active guild the ones like 35+ smiley cause i really need a guild fast! oh and a lot of players there

tuesday 27/09/2011

I am Level 25
I want the guild to have good Admin Staff
Have a good number of Members
Events alot
Active and Active Merssage Boards

monday 26/09/2011

How good do I need to be to join?

We're still recruiting. Check us out!!

Please use the 'Sales, purchases and trades' forum smiley

Check us out smiley

saturday 24/09/2011

Come on Join rememner to join BZ DEVELOPING if not lvl 50

thursday 22/09/2011

@Predator, Kash, Gamble and Immortality

Thank you very much for your interest. If things do not work out for me I will be more than interested in looking further into each of your guilds. As for now, I'll try out The MOB and see how I fit.

Once again, thanks!

wednesday 21/09/2011


tuesday 20/09/2011

Currently recruiting any level UK only players feel free to join us for a friendly new guild.

Feel free to join but you need to be active. We just kicked a third of the entire guild for in activity.

O.C 80 is a fun, laid back guild looking for new recruits of all levels and anyone is welcome to join. Stress free environment and just out to have fun and win a few games. Sign up now!!

One of the most active guilds here in UR
we currently have lots of giveaways and stuffs
click here: URBAN MADNESS

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