tuesday 06/03/2018

Valuation 5.8 mil clintz
I only take clintz
Mt or cr
No bulk offers thank you

Paying in clients, just pm me
* prefer 0xp but it doesn’t have to be

1 0xp Dragan cr for sale
Only accept clintz
Valuation 5.8 million clintz

Hi guys i have kiki cr (full) and i looking for
Kiki (full) to LYSE (any).
Ggs to all smiley

No sorry. I'm not interested in them.

monday 05/03/2018

I have one #Maana Cerci for your CR's or other cards. Send offers!

smileyThere is no borrowing allowed. Use your guild bank.

2 Bambino 0xp
1 Dakota 0xp
3 Aegis 0xp
1 Behemoth 0xp
2 Butcher Braxton 0xp
2 Callie 0xp
1 Buddy 0xp
1 Barden 0xp
2 Kompact 0xp
2 McLayton 0xp
1 Pr Vronkxxt 0xp
1 #dahlia cr 0xp
1 Robb Cr 0xp
Pm reasonable request for your
Kalindra Cr and Ymirah Cr

Tom I didn't say that, and please keep this off my thread.

Firestar won it. >.< I value his bid higher.

I will comment on this thread as a precaution.

Technically, shoxie won the Auction given the current rules state that you cannot go back on the value once you state it and you acknowledged one copy of 0XP Shaker is 39K Clintz.

39K X 23 = 897K +15K = 912K
Had it been made clear before the end of the Auction that there is a maximum amount of Shaker, then Jethro`s win is acceptable. In addition, you said the thread lasts for 10 hours.

Since it started at 13:48 GMT+8, it should have ended at 23:48 GMT +8 and Shoxie`s bid at 23:13 GMT +8 is valid.

I propose you
3 xantiax Robb cr 0xp 2.4M/t + 1 Nemo mt 0xp 4.5M + 1 Lao cr 0xp 4.9M + 1 zaveli 0xp 430k + 1 shinobi 0xp 180k + 500k cash -->

I research 1 dj korr cr 0xp/full

Pm me for other offers

And already done smiley leave in my PS I try to get some more cash

Hey guys,
I am buying Lamar Cr I will pay over 1mil in market value in cards.

PM me. We will work out a deal. I have a lot of spare cards to trade. I can make you happy.

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