thursday 22/12/2011

Write the exact price you want to sell your cards. You’ll be able to negotiate later on.
A sale is not an exchange nor an auction, the buyer has to be able to buy it at the price written in the subject.

Write the name of the card/s you’re looking for.

I would like 2 veenyle cr for it

PM me if interested

I look to acquire a Splata Cr. my offer is 57 elvis, most of whom are 0xp and 7 kusuri, all of whom are 0xp. please respond via pm for a quicker deal. I can add more if need be.

wednesday 21/12/2011

I put Cyb Lhia in the trade!

Thanks babs...
I know that big 5 is increasing but like all other Cr...
the main issue is that the owners of the big 5 try to mark up the price without any reason (except making even more $)

my offer is up to 7M...i say i can add clintz, but when i see CRAZY guys ready to pay over 8M for a guru cr, I really do not understand why while still people sell it between 6.5M to guy bought it last week 6.5M cash, so a 7M offer in cards and crs is more than discutable....don't you think...

Hmm... who are you actually accusing of "trying to fool you", Jessica? That's a serious accusation. If you're going to say something like that, plz specify who you're talking about, because I started with a 510k offer.

I gave a list of cards for you to choose from. I'm an honest trader and there are plenty of ppl here who know it. I wouldn't want someone to be confused by what you said into thinking that I tried to rip you off. smiley

Hello !
i would like to trade my 200 leviatonn 0xp smiley
just send me mp if you are interested
the offer under 15000 clintz would not be examinated smiley
and i search nothing in particular

good day every one

I have about 200 Galen level 2 that I value at 200 each and I am looking for good or new (last 2 years) rares 0 xp or CRs

And if you want something more serious I have a batch of 3000 galen 0 xp that I would trade for a CR like Lao or Marlysa.

So I'm selling my 9 Jakson 0xp, and I value them at about 50k.
I'm looking for an offer of approximately same amount, or more specifically I would like:

0xp Robb CR OR
0xp Dagg+14k OR
4 0xp Hawks OR
any combination of usable Ulu Watu cards OR
any combination of usable Nightmare cards OR
any combination of usable Roots cards OR
8 Chiara (exp doesn't matter)

I will consider others offers too. PM me for faster response.

Thanks mods,
And have nice holidays! smiley

I trade my GraksmxxT and 12000 clintz for your tsubame.

If you want to trade pm me.


I am looking to trade my Marlysa Cr, for muliple copies of your:
- Cealus Cr
- Jackie Cr
At least one type of these cards have to be in the main offer! So don't waist your time offering big amounts of other cards.

I understand Marlysa Cr is an expensive card, and you might not have the amount of Jackie Cr and/or Cealus Cr to get to a fair value. Therefore I will also accept complements next to the main offer of the Jackies/Cealus:
I will also accept some cortez / dregn / yayoi / charlie.

But make sure either Jackie Cr or Cealus Cr or a combination represents the largest fraction of your offer!

Tnx Mods!

Is anyone generous enough to sell me an ambre for 19000 clintz? smiley

I'm looking for a Tessa Cr. Full is fine.

I offer my
5 Marco Cr 0xp
Blaaster Cr 0xp
Cassio Cr 0xp
2 Ongh 0xp
Copper 0xp
Selma 0xp

When I last checked this offer was worth about 520k.

I can also replace Blaaster Cr with Kolos 0xp + cards or clintz.

Hmmm... I may hafta wait a coupla months until this exact offer becomes worth a mil or so more. lol

I'll also accept clintz as well, doesn't have to be reef smiley

tuesday 20/12/2011

Thread can be closed.

Thanks mods

No offers?

im now doing 120 yookies for tanaereva cr only

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