friday 17/02/2012

Ill buy all troompa 0xp for 4k each
i have cards that i am willing to trade if you have bulk
hawkins 0xp
2 x-0dus

As the title says i am looking to trade my Sum Sam 0xp for a Tessa Cr and a Marlysa Cr, doesn't matter what experience.

post here or message me.

Thankyou mods

thursday 16/02/2012

I offer Splata cr + 30 k (or edd)


Kerozzin cr + 80 k (or 2 edd + 18 k)

I want to trade my Guru Cr. I´m looking for Kiki Cr or DJ Korr Cr

Both sold....thanks mods smiley

@anon there have been sillier threads before like asking for currency for other games, just a week ago there was somone asking for yugi oh cards for UR cards

I offer my 4 x Alec cr (one 0 exp) + 4 Terry cr 0exp + Amiral Py cr

Need multiples of X-0DUS or Jackie cr. Post or contact me, thx modssmiley

I would like to sell or trade 28 0xp kronnen and 9 with 2 out of 4 stars
Pm me with your offer

Spyke 0xp and ghumbo for x-0dus

Still available

Noodile Cr 0 xp for 19k in cash

Sorry guys one more change: Skratch Akendram lets trade for Zoltan or Varoslav what ever ya got or if ya have any better purposal for 3* Freaks cards plz let meh know.. smiley

Got all of them .
Thanks Mods ! smiley You can finally delete this thread .

Blaaster Cr 0xp purchased

Mods can close

Thank you

You wrong. Look the Topic, I've put all information.

My 2 x-0dus for your dregn

Thx i had 4 Yayoi 0 xp in total, thoses trade are finish, i open a new research and i close this one

wednesday 15/02/2012

That was fast, done. Close pleasesmiley

Looking for:
Candy Jack

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