sunday 11/09/2011

Call it The Brotherhood of Hooded Brotherssmiley

saturday 10/09/2011

I thought 1988 was gone... But hey, Good luck Annika smiley

An all female guild...hmm. If I were to become a fan/like this guild, would that make me a lesbian?

friday 09/09/2011

Vortex in vegas are now happy to recruit almost anyone who is willing to join talk to me or magneto for info.


thursday 08/09/2011

This should havethe tab [INTRO] Because you are introducing a new type of message board to the UR community. I'll leave this up to admins whether or not to close.


Remove Admins. Thank you

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Give Immortality a try, we are established, active and friendly

wednesday 07/09/2011

Hello Kaze. You would be perfect for The Brothers of Imperial Knights. We have little requirements except on levels. We don't care about weekly elo scores or daily tournaments. We just like playing and we have very fun abs active forum games. We live having players help out younger players. I really hope you check us out and give us a chance. If not I hope you find yourself a great guild smiley

Elmo, if you get to lvl 50, I'd be happy to take you. Youre an old member of mine, but I hope you find a good guild otherwise

Good luck beta max smiley

Nice to meet you david smiley

tuesday 06/09/2011

Consider the Cult of Shadows

JOIN JUST DO IT U KNOW U WANT TOO and buy the way i was the one who started hi def yuri smiley

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Sorry, my mistake smiley

sunday 04/09/2011

Good luck masoncash smiley

We're not exactly a business guild, but we do have a lot of message boards regarding how to stock up on money fast, and we are pretty active, so join Refuse to lose,

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