saturday 03/03/2018

Hello, I wanna sell or trade my Kiki Cr full XP!
Estimate him at 19.5M!

Looking for:
Cash (max.10M)
Pa Mei 0xp (30k) max. 100 copies
Timanov 0xp (22.5k) max. 75 copies
Behemoth 0xp (600k) max. 10 copies
Barden 0xp (42.5k) max. 100 copies
C0re 0xp (125k) max. 100 copies

PM me for faster response smiley

As stated above looking for a #Seraphina (preferably 0xp, but no problem if she is full). Got plenty of cards to trade for her, so just pm offers or write them down here smiley

I can add in up to 1mil in clintz too.

Tyvm buying all you got open to trades to feel free to pm me

Bonjour j'échange mon Kreen Cr 400k

contre Judge Lynch 0xp 310k et 90k

ou vs Judge Lynch 0xp et 2 Barden 0xp

Not looking for Dakota anymore, still need Hive and Bambino

I can buy your Behemoth cash 575k if you want smiley
directly in my pv smiley

I'm looking for :
Digging Bill 0 exp 26k/t straight to my ps
Natasha 0 exp 8k/t straight to my ps. (9k/t if 100+)
Chasey 0 exp 2.6k/t straight to my ps (3k/t if 100+)

I can offer :
Lots of Pedro , Doug Snop, Lunatik, Mikaal, Kawan

Have other cr just pm me

Topic can be closed. Found a Guru. smiley

Me Richards wins.

Last call before I just buy one from market price,
Ill send you good offers and about 6mil clintz
or if u want str8 cash lmk

3x Aaron 0XP - 30K
3x Ahseya 0XP - 72K

In my VP please

Hey guys,

I'm looking for a skullface Cr or Nahi Cr, Seldnor Cr, or Swidz Cr. I value skullface and swidz aounrd 700k and nahi or seldnor around 750k. I pay clintz so if you have them and want to sell at that price. Shoot me a pm smiley

friday 02/03/2018

Trust me nobody wants to give up Cannibal Jo Cr the struggle is real

How many Emeth Cr full would get me a #Nemmo MT ?

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