saturday 05/05/2018

Hi guys i have 2 Kiki Cr

1 FULL and 1 0XP i value them both at 19.4M each

what im looking for is :

Dorian 0xp(60k ea)
Uranus 0xp(140k ea)

PM me smiley

Up, add 1m clintz to my offer

Hi, I sell General cr 0 xp for 18.350.000.
I accept trade for same value.
Contact me in private.

Ok send me in my ps smiley

friday 04/05/2018

Hey guys!

Looking for a Comanche, xp doesn't matter.
I'll trade my PR Cushing Cr (0 xp), and Butcher Braxton (0 xp) for you Comanche.

Shoot me a PM if you are interested!

Chad Bread cr 0xp + nereus 0xp + 2 zulu 0xp by zatman cr

Or trade my A Award cr 0 xp for Ymirah cr any xp

Trade close! thanks to shoxieJESUSS for your great offer! smiley

I wanna sell / trade Rass Cr 0xp & #Dragan Cr 0xp!
Rass Cr 0xp (3.250.000)
#Dragan Cr 0xp (4.750.000)

Looking for:
Zaveli 0xp (275k) max. 14 copies
Maximus 0xp (325k) max. 10 copies

Open for other offers too, maybe I like it...
just pm me smiley
All negiotable smiley

Have a nice day smiley

I sell Rass cr 0xp for 3.200.000
If you are interested contact me in private.

thursday 03/05/2018

Ambrose for 12 Fairbanks?

Help out my boyo plssmileysmiley

This clearance sale will end in 5 hours. After which, I will probably be not selling smiley

Pr Hide u Riots Pr Hide bought from CarlosyEvelyn 3 350 Clintz icon Yesterday at 12:02
Pr Hide u Riots Pr Hide bought from G0LDM4N 3 490 Clintz icon Yesterday at 12:02 smiley

no Chiken litt

wednesday 02/05/2018

19 cards looks like a lot to me. Sorry smiley

@breakz132 that's a nice offer. I've accepted another one that was sent to me by pm. But if it doesn't work out we can make a deal.

I got him now thank you an now i will close this if you wonder i payed 530k so 30k more then i wonted but hay got him around what i was looken for.

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